Cultural Assignment, Halloween | Will my son be hanged in public if he dresses like Alauddin?

Cultural Assignment, Halloween |  Will my son be hanged in public if he dresses like Alauddin?

Be careful – you can quickly make a mistake when choosing which dress to wear on All Saints’ Day.

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(Oslo debate)

This weekend is Halloween, a celebration of Norwegians pressing their chests in recent years.

But beware – you can quickly make a mistake when choosing which dress to wear on All Saints’ Day.

As a mother of small children, I know that the Hulk and the Witch are high on the wish list. This year too the Indians have a desire. Indians are being eliminated.

After Shiv Jensen’s awkward dress mistake in 2017, when a brilliant happy finance minister released a picture of himself dressed as a kind of pale version of Pocahontas, we all realized that cultural allocation was not right.

The culture of others is not a dress.

Countless risks

There is a lot to think about, but don’t despair. If you do not know, read VG’s guide Halloween costumes.

Traction Queen is dangerous, you can forget Jackie Chan, do not live too long in the dress you wear.

This absolutely mind-blowing guide has become a talking point among parents of young children. The list of things that are no longer allowed starts to get longer, and parents are afraid that children will go completely wrong every time they dress.

For example, can my teenage son dress up in Waganda? To be completely honest, I’m not sure.

– Dressing like a tribe, or dressing like people – Blackening their skin or wearing an apro wig is problematic. Linda Dinuke Strandmire, Acting General Manager of the Anti-Racism Center, says ordinary people and ordinary looks should not be used as clothing.

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He adds that it is not right to make money in aboriginal costumes without benefiting that culture.

That’s why Disney has drawn the half-god Maui costume from the 2016 movie “Movana”. The top of the dress was tattooed with a signature in brown. Leave it at that.

What about the heroine, Mona or Aladdin and Jasmine, not to mention a character on the Netflix talk show “Squid Game”? Is it inside to dress like them?

Jasmine dress with bare belly, loose pants and pointed shoes lie in the dressing basket in the children’s room. Can I use it, or will there be a public outcry on social media if my daughter comes out?

A quick Google search shows that I can throw that jasmine pants. In addition, one of the characters in Prisoner, Ninja or “Black Panther” was removed.

Geisha dress is very misleading because not all Japanese are geisha, it tells Viji to read more in the case. In addition, being a geisha is more than just a dress.

Well, that’s what I understand. Not all Japanese are geisha, but it’s new to me that you need to know everything about the culture around the attire you choose.

– Do not make fun of how ordinary human beings are. Wearing an afro wig is not meant to entertain you or others.

– It is tasteless, ingenious and subject to the limits of racism, Strontimir concludes in the VG case.

I fully understand these arguments. So I have to admit that I was stunned when I read VG’s case the next day. In the newspaper’s own snapshot, they shared tips on what to do Can Dress up as.

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Comedy farmer

In second place is the “farmer.”

– “Borrow a Felleskjobet suit from your favorite farmer”. Yes, because it is clear. All farmers have a Felleskjopet Suite.

You can go to a specific version of the farmer, i.e. the role of the driveway slacksvolt, VG also recommends. But most importantly – be popular.

Is clear. Farmers are very popular. All together. We’re exactly the same.

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Yes, I am a farmer myself. If someone wants to pretend to be a farmer on Halloween, it doesn’t bother me, but I think it is precisely allowed to make fun of farmers.

I remember Peter Stordalon hosting one of his famous May 16 banquets. The theme was “Farmers’ Party”, and Oslo’s financial trick appeared with Felleskjøpet T-shirts and Pitchfork in hand.

I smiled a little at myself, thinking that if they had really dressed like a farmer they might have gone straight from work. For farmers, like everyone else in this country, they come in all forms and versions of the world.

Bullied and disliked

“Servant” and “farmer’s cone” are well-known insults. Farming is even more common since farmers receive subsidies, high prices for milk and many of them complain that they have no mercy on their animals. Areas on a regular basis.

My dad was angry when he saw people laughing at his speech and he said “talk a little” and it was so much fun to listen. From the inside everyone sounds very “comfortable” (translated as “simple”). Those who live in harmony with the nature of Down to Earth. Yes, popularly, as Viji rightly insists.

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I have no numbers for how many times I ask “What? Are you a farmer? You don’t look like that!.

No. What would a farmer really look like? I can tell you – they are just like normal human beings.

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Wardrobe more than hot

In my opinion, dress as you like (but do not hesitate to soak your face in black and white), and do not take everything in a bad sense.

Using the word for another culture means that you appreciate it and you don’t have to make fun of it.

All groups have something to hurt, so why should we be so harsh all the time?

Let’s add goodwill.

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