Found oysters along the beach

Found oysters along the beach

There is something very wrong here, Sharon Bell, who found mounds of life with dead seafood on the beach, tells local newspapers. Teesside Live.

Sharon Bell, 48, lives in the coastal town of Marsk, England. She was due to shoot a sunrise earlier this week, when she found out that the beach was covered in oysters.

– I was shocked

There were huge numbers of oysters along the beach between Marski and Saltburn.

– I was both shocked and sad to see that in some places there were mounds of seaweed that came to my waist, full of thousands of crabs and lobsters of all kinds, alive and dead.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my 21 years in the area,” Sharon Bell told Teesside Live.

– awesome

She and her husband, Christopher, spent four hours bringing the surviving oysters back into the ocean.

It was awful to see, says Sharon Bell.

A little over two weeks ago, Teesside Live reported that dead oysters were discovered washed up in Seton Karoo and Redcar and further north in Seaham.

The British Ministry of the Environment announced that it was investigating the case. A spokesman for the department said Monday that they are studying whether a pollution incident may have been the cause.

“We have sent samples of water, sediment and shellfish to our laboratories to investigate whether the spill caused these deaths,” a department spokesperson told Teesside Live.

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