Erna Solberg, Cinder Fiennes | Reputation expert on Erna’s move: – She will not be thrown to the wolves

Erna Solberg, Cinder Fiennes |  Reputation expert on Erna’s move: – She will not be thrown to the wolves

Erna Solberg has spoken little since last week’s much-discussed Friday press conference, where she reported that her husband Sindri Fiennes executed 3,600 stock trades during her time as prime minister.

Since then, the criticism against Solberg has been enormous, and many have questioned her future as party leader in the Conservative Party.

Solberg told E24 on Thursday morning that it was up to the Conservative Party to decide whether she could continue as Conservative leader and the party’s candidate for prime minister in two years’ time.

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Press director Kato Hosabo Fussen clarified to Netafsen on Wednesday that no press conference would be held. Solberg will answer media questions in one-on-one interviews, as she does on Thursday morning.

– many questions

According to Trond Blindheim, marketing and reputation expert, this is a completely conscious choice.

– Because she will go through the experience of a press conference, as if she is being thrown to the wolves. There will be a lot of questions, delving into certain aspects of what happened. She simply wants to direct the matter herself, he tells Netavisin.

– It is a kind of spinal reflex when you are in such a situation where the media is very active and continuous. So I think there were a lot of questions, and a lot of topics at the same time – because the risk of the matter is very great, continues the expert.

Blindheim cannot say definitively whether this is a classic move by politicians, but he points out:

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-We were waiting for her to say something herself. So it’s time for the media to talk to her. At the same time, she may have received some good advice from media consultants, who were journalists themselves and knew how such a session would end.

Never seen anything like it

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– Have you witnessed a similar political scandal recently?

– No, I don’t have it. There have been various scandals, but not at such a high level. Here the efficiency is called into question. It is politics, ethics and law. Blindheim concludes that there is a combination of different components in this case.

-No strategy

– This is not a strategy. “There are a lot of questions that came to my mind about Cinder, and it would be wrong to answer those questions in writing,” Solberg says.

Party Leader H answers why she chose to answer media questions in this way VG Thursday morning.

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