Ariel Riise came to a newly decorated hotel room

Ariel Riise came to a newly decorated hotel room

Many Norwegians have summer holidays, and in this regard, many Norwegian media have had a so-called “summer chat” with many famous faces.

– “near-death experience”

Among those talking about their summer memories is TV 2 profiler Ariel Riise (64). In a new interview with TV 2 He talks about his summer plans, what it takes to have a good summer – and his worst hotel experience.

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He can reveal that the worst thing that happened to him and his family in a hotel was in Augsburg, Germany, when they came to a “freshly decorated” room.

In front of Dagbladet, he explains what happened.

This is why it is not in

That’s why it’s not in “bloggers”

– We’d been driving all day with three kids in the back seat and were looking forward to spending the night at the Steigenberger Hotel in Augsburg, Reis explains.

– We got a great family room, but we immediately noticed something wasn’t quite as it should be. In the end we couldn’t stay in the room because of the smell of cleaning and we asked to change it.

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He says that luckily everything went well.

– We got a clean, bigger room and free breakfast. This was 25 years ago, but can it happen today too?

Fell - again

Fell – again

In conclusion, he gives advice to all travelers.

– You should not find yourself in your assigned hotel room if all is not well. Ask for a change. It usually goes well.

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