norwegian economy | This is what the newspapers wrote about the economy on Thursday, June 23

norwegian economy |  This is what the newspapers wrote about the economy on Thursday, June 23

Nicolai Tangen bathes in luxury in Norway’s best rental apartment (vinansaficin)
The manager of the Oil Fund, Nikolai Tangin, rents the most beautiful rental apartment in Norway with his own swimming pool on the roof terrace at the top of Tjuvholmen. But despite rising rents, it was not until the first century that sylvage made a comeback. Read more

Now prices in the south are dropping – against the normal rate (Dagbladet / DinSide)
In the past, school holidays meant higher prices for trips south. But not this year. Charter/package fares are extraordinarily reasonable, says Terry Berg, Finn Reise’s commercial director to DinSide. Read more

Not much has worked in Norway since 2009 (Finansavisen)
According to seasonally adjusted figures from the Labor Force Survey (LFS), the number of unemployed reached 93,000 in April, according to Statistics Norway. This gives an LFS vacancy rate of 3.2 per cent. Read more

Stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Shanghai are boosted (vinansaficin)
A mixed mood prevailed in the stock markets in Asia on Thursday morning. Read more

Warns of quicker answers about big road and rail projects: – Difficult choices in the line (VG)
Important clarifications on large projects such as Intercity, Nord-Norgebanen and Fergefri E39 are now being accelerated for one year. The government is now going a long way in stemming the billion-dollar growth in the transportation sector in the coming years. Read more

Flying chaos can get worse (NTB)
Bombing aircraft technicians isn’t the only thing threatening summer vacation. Already in the next week, SAS pilots could go on strike – and in Europe, chaos and strikes threaten. Read more

Nortura warns of high egg and meat prices (NTB)
Higher costs and lower results led Nortura to announce higher prices for eggs and meat. Read more

Banks are sounding the alarm: – Increasing inflation and high interest rates affect the psychology of 700,000 Norwegians (online newspaper)
It is expected that electricity costs and benefits will continue to rise over the coming months, and this is what worries many. Read more

The interest rate board does not agree to increase the double interest rate: – in the face of cost shock (H 24)
Inflation is skyrocketing and the economy is collapsing. But economists disagree on how quickly the Norges Bank will tighten interest rate controls. Read more

Fewer first-time buyers, higher interest rates (NRK)
A new report shows that the number of first-time buyers in Norway is declining for the first time in five years. After today’s Norges Bank rate meeting, life could be more difficult for Jonathan Medton, 23, and others who want to enter the housing market. Read more

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Norges Bank interest rate meeting: – Now it’s serious (Dagbladet Borsen)
Experts favor two rate hikes on Thursday, when Norges Bank holds a rate meeting. Read more

Fear and Noise at New York Stock Exchanges on Wednesday – Troubled Stocks Ended 596 Percent (vinansaficin)
It was a new day filled with fear and anger on the New York stock exchanges, before all three major indexes ended the day lower. The crisis continued to rise. Read more

Sharp decline in the Oslo Stock Exchange (NTB)
Stock prices on the Oslo Stock Exchange fell sharply on Wednesday, while oil prices also fell. At the time of closing, the main index was down 2.94 percent to 1,163.57 points. Read more

Do not believe in prophecies of the Day of Resurrection (vinansaficin)
Investment director Gaute Eie thinks the market is overreacting. – Grunnfjellet is more stable now than it was during previous crises, he says. Read more

SV’s chief negotiator opens the oil door ajar (NTB)
In budget negotiations this fall, SV’s deputy leader, Torger Knang-Felixens, will not issue an ultimatum to preserve the breakthrough hampering new oil exploration. Read more

Fornebubanen . is approved (NTB)
Oslo City Council gave the green light to Fornebubanen. The track is Metro’s largest investment since the 1960s and 1970s. Labour, SV, Conservatives, Liberals, KrF and MDG took the majority in the case. The group FrP, Senterpartiet, Rødt, Folkets Parti FNB and Chaudry voted against it. Read more

The US Federal Reserve fears more inflation (NTB)
The US economy is strong, but in the event of global turmoil, there may be new surprises when it comes to inflation, says US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. Read more

do this now (Dagbladet / DinSide)
You should do this now that interest rates are expected to rise. Read more

Norway signed an agreement to buy 50 Boeing aircraft (NTB)
The agreement between Norwegian and Boeing for the purchase of 50 Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft was completed and signed on Wednesday. Read more

– The Norwegian in a “beautiful place” (vinansaficin)
Despite the traffic challenges and long queues to European airports, DNB Markets is seeing an uptick in the Norwegian language. They believe that the stock price should be well above the historical average. Read more

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Three Norwegian malls sell for about 3 billion NOK (NTB)
Arkaden Shopping Center in Stavanger, Gulskogen Senter in Drammen and Maxi Storsenter in Hamar were sold by Steen & Strøm for NOK 2.9 billion. Read more

No strike among oil service workers (NTB)
Several hours of overtime, an agreement was reached in mediation between Safe, Industri Energi and Norwegian Oil and Gas. As a result, 650 employees of the oil service will not strike. Read more

There is no new development in the aircraft engineer struggle (NTB)
There were contacts between the parties to the air strike that was directed at the aircraft technician on Wednesday, but no progress has been reported so far. Read more

Air Strike: More People Could Get Millions (VG)
Aircraft technicians want more people to make up to a million salaries. The other party thinks it’s completely unrealistic. Read more

They claim to be struggling to recruit, but young people here are in line to become aircraft technicians (NRK)
The striking aircraft technicians cite a lack of employment as the reason for the higher salaries. On the other hand, in Bodo flight education, there are long waiting lists for entry. Read more

Flight engineer struggle: Babcock considering waiver request (NTB)
Air ambulance company Babcock is considering applying for an exemption for aircraft technicians if the labor dispute moves to shutdown. Read more

NHO thinks the demand for a new chief negotiator is unheard of (NRK)
NHO Luftfart is reacting aggressively to the Norwegian Aircraft Technicians Organization (NFO) which is calling for a new chief negotiator. They will not promise an exemption for ambulance aircraft. Read more

Widerøe announces cancellations even after strike ends (NRK)
Widerøe believes that the consequences of the aircraft technician’s strike will appear even after it is over. The reason is that maintenance builds up. Read more

Torbjørn Røe Isaksen has been notified of tax claims related to passenger housing Follow Favorite
Former Education Minister Torbjorn Roy Isaksen confirmed that he is among the current and former parliamentary representatives who have been notified of the tax claims. Read more

The Minister of Culture receives a tax campaign on passenger housing (VG)
Culture Minister Anette Trettebergstuen (Labour) has asked for more taxes to be paid to the passenger home, long before the traveler’s home was revealed. However, they do get a tax exemption. Read more

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Bourgeois parties assert tax claims Follow Favorite
Frp, Høyre, KrF and Venstre each have politicians affected in 45 cases where politicians have been notified of additional tax claims from the tax administration. Read more

Hotel Rates to Heaven: A Norwegian Vacation Can Be Expensive (VG)
Air strikes, increased price levels and staff shortages after the pandemic have driven up hotel prices in Norway this summer. Read more

Tax authorities create needless bankruptcies (Contribution from Tor Jacob Aabelvik, Board Member, SMB Norway, Western Region) (Finansavisen)
Unnecessary bankruptcies are created by the tax department and court at the request of reconstruction, writes Tor Jacob Apelvic. Read more

Far from the goal of increasing toll rates for electric cars (Norwegian discussion. By Engon Handgaard, NAF Press Officer, Norwegian Automobile Association) (Nettavisen)
As long as the tolls increase without people getting a better public transport offer, this will only be an additional cost for those without car alternatives. There are metrics that miss the mark. Read more

Northern Norway does not stop in Bodo or Narvik (Norwegian discussion. By Ton Engel Jensen, commentator at Nordlys) (Natavisen)
The Northern Norway line has a lot of enemies. To see it as a social promise, as a futuristic and absolutely necessary infrastructure to move what we live on after oil, many fall on their chests. Read more

Too expensive to rent a car in Europe (Dagbladet / DinSide)
This is how you avoid account emptying this summer. Read more

Seven out of ten tourism companies have vacancies in the summer (NTB)
Norwegian tourism needs more hands this summer. As many as seven out of ten tourism companies still have summer job vacancies, according to NHO Reiseliv. Read more

The Czech Republic accuses Russia of waging an economic war on Europe (NTB)
Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala accuses Russia of waging an economic war on Europe through the war in Ukraine. Read more

EU Yes to changes in trade in climate emissions (NTB)
The European Parliament has voted to reform the climate quota buying and selling system, two weeks after elected representatives surprisingly voted on a similar proposal. Read more

Microsoft says Russian hackers have attacked 42 countries (NTB)
Microsoft says Russian hackers carried out “strategic espionage” against governments, think tanks, companies and organizations in 42 countries friendly to Ukraine. Read more

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