February 7, 2023


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The new energy company will be called Aneo - E24

The new energy company will be called Aneo – E24

The owners of TrønderEnergi have now decided to create a new renewable company in collaboration with Hitecvision. The company name will be Aneo.

This is Storheia, one of the wind turbines of which Trønderenergi is a co-owner. The company also owns hydropower production.
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The reach The company in relation to a press conference in Trondheim on Wednesday. The owners of Trønderenergi, 19 municipalities of Trøndelag and KLP have agreed to set up the new company, according to message.

In March, energy company Trønderenergi and investors in Hitecvision announced that they would form a new jointly owned energy company with 250 employees. About 25 employees will remain at the old Trønderenergi.

Aneo will have the capacity to invest 15-20 billion NOK in renewable energy and new energy technology.

The new company will have good access to capital so that it can invest and make significant investments across the Nordic region, TrønderEnergi CEO Ståle Gjersvold said when the company was introduced in March.

In a statement released Wednesday, Gersvold said the company has considered as many as 1,200 name suggestions. The new name means “new” according to the company.

– Aneo is also based on a suggestion from one of our employees. It’s short, simple and future-oriented. Plus, I think it looks pretty good, says Gersvold.

From left: Senior Partner Jon Vatnaland at Hitecvision, CEO Ståle Gjersvold at TrønderEnergi and Chairman Odd Inge Mjøen at TrønderEnergi.

– happy

The new company is 50 percent owned by HitecVision and 50 percent by a holding company, which in turn is owned by the owners of TrønderEnergi and TrønderEnergi.

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Trønderenergi holds 81 percent of hydropower and a 40 percent stake in grid company Tensio, while all other activities are transferred to the new company.

It is a pleasure for our companions to unite and stand behind the new initiative. This gives us the opportunity to become the pioneers of a green transformation, says Chairman Odd Inge Mjøen at TrønderEnergi according to a statement on Wednesday.

Senior Partner John Vatnaland at Hitecvision notes that the need for electricity will increase a lot as the world shifts away from fossil energy.

This means that large amounts of new energy produced must be developed. The entire energy market will change. He adds that this presents very exciting opportunities for new businesses, and this will entail a significant need for capital and entrepreneurship.

The new company will be operating at full capacity from November 1.

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