John Almas would become a farmer

John Almas would become a farmer

Showrunner John Almas (55) is facing a major life change. If all goes according to plan, he and his wife will move from Winteren to Prarud Farm in the municipality of Ness. The farm was reportedly worth NOK 13 million.

Make changes

In other words, farming may seem like added flavor. Almas along with Erik Folstad (34) recently renovated a small farm in the series “Folle and Almas Build a House”.

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“The sale hasn’t gone through yet, will apply for the license and so on, but yes. I’m waiting to buy a farm and become a farmer. If everything goes well,” Almas wrote in an SMS. VG In late July.

– Very good condition

Almas further loosened the veil in front during Saturday’s celebrity golf tournament at Miglegard in Kloofta. Romerikes Blad. Among other things, he reveals that he plans to visit the farm in December.

- There were some prejudices

– There were some prejudices

– I don’t know anything about being a farmer, but I will get knowledge from different areas. I will listen to the people who live in the area, who know it and what they are talking about, says Almas.

And the 55-year-old explains that he and his wife have been looking for a farm for about a year. After two visits to Braroot Farm, the couple was sold.

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– You look at the pictures and ask yourself “Is this where I can imagine living?”. If the pictures match, you are one step ahead. Here we really like how it looks. As we were leaving we saw a good situation and thought “this is it”.

should be cultivated

Also, the former “Nytt på nytt” host says that he is very excited to drive a tractor and has hired two former colleagues in the municipality of Nes as tour guides.

Denied participation in TV 2 reality

Denied participation in TV 2 reality

According to Almas, the farm will be run according to traditional methods.

– I’m going to grow something fun and exciting, because it’s not grain. But I haven’t decided what it is yet, he says.

The farm Almas and his wife bought dates back to the 12th century and consists of a farmhouse, a shed and a barn. The property consists of 237 acres of fully cultivated land, 300 acres of woodland and 11 acres of inland pasture.

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