Twix: – I was shocked at the meaning

Twix: – I was shocked at the meaning

There is a deeper meaning behind many chocolate brands. Chocolate names are often shorthand for an unknown meaning.

Many candy lovers have recently reacted to what Twix chocolate is all about.

It seems the meaning behind the name is not commonly known, and before scrolling down to the answer you can look up “Helnøtten” yourself.

You can probably guess that, if not the answer might offer a ‘twist’.

He drove straight back

He drove straight back

An old tweet from 2018 came to life again, when a user named “Fooji” asked the question: “I read that Twix is ​​short for double cookie sticks, can you deny or confirm that?”

Twix replied that it wasn’t quite right.

– So close

– So close. And they responded on Twitter, It’s an acronym for double sticks.

Twix is ​​a Mars product, and it consists of two pieces with caramel on top, and a biscuit on the bottom, with a layer of chocolate around it.

Spread the wrong reputation

This is not the first time the newspaper has written about the importance of chocolate. In 2022 he wrote The daily newspaper About the time Snickers had to issue a press release, it denied that they planned to remove the stripes on top of the chocolate.

At the time, it was Twitter user Juniper who started the rumor storm by posting, “Fake news is so easy to create, almost laughable.”

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Soon after, Juniper posted a Snickers post, with a photo without the signature relief pattern at the top.

Even with the introductory text, there was an uproar from many users on Twitter.

– I like “blood veins”

In the comments section, there were many reactions mentioning “nonstop”, and it was clear that users got “new energy” in a negative sense, when reading fake news.

Many have pointed out that the pattern on top of the chocolate resembles blood vessels on a penis.

A number of users clearly stated that they would lose the “penile vasculature” of chocolate.

– I’m sick, I’m shocked and I need to be alone now, said one user in frustration when he thought the pattern on top should be removed.

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Many demanded that the chocolate remain as it is now.

– I never imagined I would say this, but I would never eat “smooth” Snickers. Another wrote, I want to have “veins” on my chocolate.

Snickers response

When the post hit “Kremtoppen,” the company knew they had to be real “Smarties” with the response.

Should they respond with a “smile,” or should they put a “reward” on that juniper? A true “Hellenat” of the company.

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Eventually, Snickers went on Twitter and made it absolutely clear to everyone that they wouldn’t remove “penis veins” from their chocolate.

Their site took off as quickly as a space shot “Yup”, but did not go further into the field of “Stratos” and into “Mars”.

The tweet has been retweeted a whopping 76,000 times, with the company showing a good touch of humor.

– Good news, contrary to what is popular on Twitter .. The blood vessels will last!

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