Asger Bergermoen reveals the meeting of the stars: – sour and eccentric

Asger Bergermoen reveals the meeting of the stars: – sour and eccentric

Already in 1999, Asgeir Borgemoen (51) became well known to the Norwegian people. Perhaps best remembered as the “boss of all bosses”, he became a central figure in children’s television.

That’s how it went with the Courage in the Chest gang.

With a bright red mane and dark beard, Borgemoen has achieved great success as a presenter.

In 2001, he became the voice of the Norwegian dwarf Shrek, who led the 51-year-old to a star-studded meeting in Cannes. Reverse “Summer in P2” Borgemoen tells how it all happened.

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Celebrity party on a yacht

Shrek was a worldwide hit, and when a sequel was ready, Borgemoen was invited to the premiere in Cannes.

– One afternoon, there was a handwritten note in my hotel room, it was from someone named Paul. He had brought his boat to Cannes and asked if I wanted to join, says the 51-year-old in “Summer in P2”.

That's how it goes with

That’s how it went with “Stay with Me, Dina.”

He says he was already tired and was planning to relax, but he nevertheless succumbed to temptation.

As he waits at the quayside, Bourgemoine is deeply moved by the boat that has arrived. It turns out that it was Microsoft founder Paul Allen, 65, who invited the party on one of the world’s largest yachts.

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– Paul walked around by himself in his car trousers (men’s non-iron cloth trousers, diary note) and a tired knitted jacket. He was a little grumpy and angry. Borgemoine says the fact that his new and bigger boat did not make it to the party made him angry.

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– cache

Since the Chief of All Chiefs wasn’t quite the mixed type, he just walked over and looked around. Note that the stage is full of musical instruments, and it doesn’t take long for him to pounce on the drum kit.

– Then came Mike Myers (60), the voice of the Englishman Shrek. He definitely wasn’t the mixed type either. We started a real nap life.

This is how things went with the actors

This is how it went with the actors “Fucking Åmål”

It wasn’t long before celebs gushed, says Bourgemoin, and claims Paul Allen lit up on The Sound of Music.

According to the 51-year-old, the Rolling Stones’ bass player suddenly came in and started playing. Then Jack Black (53) came running to the microphone, followed by Justin Timberlake (42) who had the honor of singing.

Comedian and actor Henrik Schatvet became known through the role of “Morten-Mosquito” in the Christmas calendar “Jul i svingen”. This he does now. Video: NRK / Henrik Schatvet / Red Runner
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For Bourguimoin, it was surreal to drum among the world’s richest men and its biggest stars.

Since then, fortune has smiled especially for the 51-year-old, who last fall became the father of two children and managed to reveal his engagement.

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