Consumer iPhone | Tens of thousands of Norwegians are now missing iPhone updates

Consumer iPhone |  Tens of thousands of Norwegians are now missing iPhone updates

(The newspaper online): The latest generation of the iPhone operating system, the 17th in the series, is available on Tuesday.

To access the new version, go to Settings -> General -> Update

The new upgrade includes a wide range of new features. Everything from better AirDrop functionality, better widgets, a lock screen, and lots of new functionality for iMessage.

But as is always the case when Apple releases new versions of the operating system, support for older models is dropped.

This time it includes the very popular iPhone 8, in addition to the iPhone X.

In addition to not getting new functionality that’s been added, there’s usually much less access to security updates.

Tens of thousands are not getting the new upgrade

The iPhone 8 and iPhone

Besides being a very good phone, it was also the last Apple phone with a home button, making it desirable.

– Yes, it was popular, and she never left it completely. Of all the iPhones on the Telenor network, it clings to the tenth position in the top ten list. This means that there are a six-figure number of iPhone 8s left in the network, and we are talking about a few tens of thousands, says Telenor’s press director Anders Krokan.

Telenor has almost half of Norwegian mobile customers in its network. Telia does not wish to provide any estimates.

The X was launched at the same time as the 8, but did not sell in the same volume, and was largely chosen by enthusiasts who changed their mobile phones frequently.

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XS and 11 also sing on the last verse

It should be noted at the same time that the next two generations of iPhone models will not get all the new functions in the new iOS 17 either.

According to Apple, an iPhone 12 or later will be required to get some of the new features, including new video reaction functionality and text prediction.

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