Bjorn held his daughter against MyGame filming: – She has become a ‘party spoiler’

Bjorn held his daughter against MyGame filming: – She has become a ‘party spoiler’
Skeptical: Bjørn Broum is skeptical that the depiction of children and youth in sports should be normalized and commercialized.

TRONDHEIM / OSLO (VG) Bjørn Broum made the active choice to book his daughter against being photographed by MyGame cameras – and realized he was the one to blame for his teammates’ grandparents not being able to watch matches.


– I am responsible for ensuring that my teammates’ grandparents cannot watch matches, and that coaches are not allowed to use solutions to assess the match. You feel like you’ve become a party spoiler, not the best athlete who should take that responsibility. Bjorn Brom says the parent who says no will be the one who says stop.

He has been into data analysis and personal data for a long time, and describes himself as an above average carer.

Then My game Before the season began broadcasting matches in his daughter’s local sports team, Broom kept himself through the Norwegian Sports Federation (NIF) platform, Maine Edret.

The rules of MyGame are that the person passively consents – that is, it is up to the individual athletes or their parents Spare against photography, rather than obtaining actual consent beforehand.

Camera: MyGame camera on the roof of Utleirahallen in Trondheim.
PARTYPOOPER: Broum knows he has a responsibility for his teammates’ grandparents not being able to watch matches. – You’re becoming a party spoiler, he says.

Broome understands that talking about his motives at VG can lead to anonymity surrounding booking. However, he is concerned that these issues should be discussed further.

– It’s about how children turn into a product, and you don’t think about the real flaws. I think this is a problem. I don’t think all parents think that way, he says.

– Why is it a problem for others to discover that you booked your daughter for the matches they participate in filming?

– If you were one of the 15 couples who booked for you, you were the one to stop here. I am so strong that I can handle the greatest burden and I can argue with that. The biggest problem is for those who are not, and therefore do not dare to make reservations for this reason. I will always be able to speak as an adult with these parents, but it can just become peer pressure not to make reservations.

With his expertise in privacy, Broome suspects the need to normalize and commercialize the depiction of children and youth in sports.

– Using cameras to counter the main trends in surveillance in society. I wonder if broad sports should help normalize it. You push a little, you normalize, you push a little more – what’s the end point? He says, I think this is not very clear.

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Minister for Culture and Equalities Annette Trebergstoen took part in the recent debate on MyGame and live broadcasting of matches with athletes aged 15 and over.

– Broad sports should be a safe arena for young people, so sports teams that use streaming services have a great responsibility to ensure that this is done in a responsible manner and always within laws and regulations, says Tretbergstoen.

Despite the examples cited by VG where MyGame filmed and posted a fight with a 12-year-old boy and broadcast a training session with clueless girls under 13, Trettebergstuen doesn’t think it’s “black and white”.

– It is not difficult to see that athletes, family and friends will be very happy to be able to follow the matches that are being broadcast. And she says I’m not ignoring the fact that this can contribute to more people wanting to participate, and that’s a very good thing.

Minister: Annette Tretbergsten is the Minister for Culture and Equality.

At the same time, the Minister points out, there is no doubt that high demands must be placed on those who engage in non-sports with young people to follow the laws, rules and guidelines at all times.

– There have already been some gross examples of failure which it is absolutely necessary to stop immediately if they are to be able to continue with such broadcasts. I suppose the Norwegian Sports Confederation will take the lead on this and stop broadcasting if they are not quite sure about protecting the athletes’ privacy, says Tretbergsten.

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The President of the Norwegian Sports Confederation, Berit Kjoll, said that they take very seriously the contradictions that have come to light in the media recently.

– We expect all responsible authorities to take the necessary measures to ensure that such deviations do not occur again. NIF also follows up on these deviations towards actors and requests that necessary and immediate measures be taken, says Kjøll.

MyGame is set up so that you can’t see who has reservations against shooting, but Broome still suffers from the fact that the system as a whole makes it difficult to remain anonymous. Broome also held his daughter against appearing in sketches during the broadcast.

Due to a link to the handball system with live updates from matches, the reservation against appearing in video graphics resulted in the daughter’s name also being removed from the lineup. handball. But you can still see her shirt number on the blank line.

In a team, it will be easy to associate the kit number with someone. Thus, one can also assume who in the team held themselves against the broadcast and thus ensured that the match was not filmed and broadcast.

The Norwegian Handball Federation’s Director of Communications, Lars Hoegem Kvam, confirmed that they had received an inquiry about this.

“According to the plan, a major clean-up of user experience and settings in Sports Digital Systems will be carried out in the new year, after which these elements will be revised, so that the information becomes clearer and more understandable,” Kvam writes.

Head of Sports: Peret Keol.

Berit Kjøll says there can be many reasons why both athletes and parents want to take reservations against broadcasting.

We must respect them all. That’s why we’ve arranged a simple booking solution in Min Idrett where you can book against broadcast matches and competitions. You also don’t need any justification for the reservation, she says.

Their role, she says, is to “ensure that the flow happens in organized, controlled forms.”

– This is why we adopted new guidelines for streaming popular sports in June, which was a significant tightening of previous practices as this market was not regulated and broadcasting was carried out until the age of eight. At the same time, it’s important that these guidelines are evaluated, says Keul.

The matter will be considered again by the Sports Council during the first quarter of 2023, and Kjøll says they will begin with “extensive planning work” before submitting it to the council.


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