A Russian hacking group attacked the website of the British royal family

A Russian hacking group attacked the website of the British royal family

On Sunday morning, the official website of the British Royal Family went down. Telegraph He reveals that it was due to a hacking attack, and it wasn’t just anyone behind it.

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The site was reportedly down for about an hour and a half, and was said to have been the victim of a targeted cyber attack for which Russian hackers claimed responsibility. The group is called Killnet.

Killnet is a pro-Kremlin group that has become known in recent years for its cyber attacks against countries that support Ukraine, especially NATO countries. The United Kingdom is a major member of NATO.

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The website for King Charles, 74, and his family was back up and running on Sunday afternoon, but all day it only showed an error message to everyone who tried to log in.

He refuses to answer

He refuses to answer

Last year, the group was mentioned in a warning from the Five Eyes coalition, made up of intelligence agencies in the UK, US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, over cyberattacks on critical infrastructure following the invasion of Ukraine. A separate report from the US Department of Health said Killnet had made threats against public health organisations, including in the UK. However, it was reported that the threats should be taken with a “grain of salt” due to the group’s “tendency to exaggerate”.

Buckingham Palace has not yet commented on the attack.

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