The Small Hours are left before the Big Night, the biggest night of the calendar year. The lucky ones of us gather around our loved ones who prepare the last chores before the lights are turned on and Christmas Eve is ready to celebrate.

It is the same size every year.

With all the joy in mind and body, there is plenty of room to send good thoughts to those in need, those who don’t have family nearby to celebrate with, those who are lonely, and those who struggle with the electric bill and other costs in our animal life. We are a people who care about our fellow human beings, not least during this holiday season.

Sometimes you can get the feeling that we are a non-Christian nation. No less mourning for the Norwegians who are trying to erase our Christian heritage. But we are stronger than them. We – most people – know who we are. We are a Christian nation, built on love and blessed with humanity. We build on the values ​​of freedom that made us one of the world’s first nations.

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With these few words, we would like to wish all of you an unforgettable Christmas celebration in thousands of homes. We take care of each other, because we have each other. Each other gives meaning to life.