Italian League: Torino and Roma tied 1:1

Italian League: Torino and Roma tied 1:1

Romelu Lukaku’s goal did not reach Roma in the end: At the end of the fifth match in the Italian League, the Giallorossi and FC Torino tied 1:1 in the end.

Romelu Lukaku is a player who has lost his money and does not care about the AS Rom.

After a mediocre start to the season with just one point from their first three games, Roma’s hopes were high after a 7:0 against Empoli last week and a 2:1 at Tiraspol in the Europa League, things went well.

Lukaku and Zapata in Focus

Against the in-form Turiners, who have both won their last two league games, the team went on the attack from the start. Neither team hid. Zapata Per Kopf took his first match title (5th place), after being the last player in the team from the first team in Kunto von Lukaku. In both teams, part of the idea was for bully attacking duo Lukaku and Zapata to screen balls and distribute them accordingly to the other attacking keepers.

So, in the 19th minute, former Herthanir Radonjic beat Tor. Actor Roma Cristante was released within three minutes, having the opportunity to play the ball on an equal footing. In Dorschgang, this war was a great attack for the Giallorossi, as Gastberg scored through Rodriguez (30.), Reno Radonjic (35.) and Zapata (41.) to Chansen. However, nothing happened, so the score was 0:0 at the break.

If you like this, then you have to change it

After Sittenvichsel’s war on the wider Lukaku, who was playing with his teammates, Herringby found the best Benmer (47.). Auf der Gegenseite war es Zapata, der die erste Chance nach der Pause hatte (51.), followed by einer schönen Einzelaktion von Seck, die jedoch ebenso unbelohnt blieb (52.).

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For a few minutes it revolved almost on its own through Nichts Die Römer, doch eine Spinazzola-Flanke leite Cristante nur an den Fosten. In the 68th minute, the visitors finally took the lead: Auber Dybala and Christensen fired the ball close to Lukaku, where the ball holed out and Os der Driehung Einshaus.

Tourner warns that long-winded warnings do not last long for Tour, even though she is far from Rome – at this point gossip is an unexpected flame. Please note that the end of the gas station has all the information that comes from the end of the page Ausgleich: You have the right to enter the Halbfeld-Freestoß wuchtig in die Maschen (85.).

Am Ende blieb is one of the best performances, as both teams enjoy playing very good games.

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