Fishery heir joins Norwegian colony in Switzerland – E24

Fishery heir joins Norwegian colony in Switzerland - E24

Fishing heir Ole-Kristian Nergård, originally from Senja, is another Norwegian rich man who now prefers to live in Switzerland.

In Lucerne, Switzerland, a small colony of wealthy, tax-exempt Norwegians was formed this year.
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Nergaard is the latest in a string of Norwegians with a net worth of more than NOK 100 million to move to Switzerland so far this year. It shows a new entry in the population register.

Nergaard’s taxable assets in Norway last year (2021) were NOK 129 million.

Ole-Christian Nergaard (30) and his younger brother Arvid took over the family business Nergaard in Senja in 2008, after the sudden death of their father Ole-Arvid. Until then, Ole-Arvid Nergård had built the country’s second largest trawler company.

The family business was later sold, and both Ole-Christian Nergaard and his brother invested their vast fortunes in stocks, shares and bond funds.

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Ole-Kristian Nergård manages his money through a company called Lysnes Invest. At the end of 2021, the company had a portfolio of bonds worth more than NOK 200 million. Last year his company earned NOK 19.6 million after tax on these investments.

A few years ago, Ole-Kristian Nergård received a lot of attention because, as a rich heir, he played poker.

A little poker, mostly stakes

Henceforth, Nergård will manage his equity investments from Switzerland.

Playing poker in his youth earned him some attention. But in a 2012 SMS interview with local newspaper Dromes Folkeblad, the then 19-year-old Nergaard denied that his playing was his father’s legacy.

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– Hi, I can confirm that I play poker, but I don’t play with pedigree as some people think. I play my way out of small sums, Nergård wrote to the local newspaper.

He moved to Switzerland this fall, but until now did not appear in the national register as an immigrant from Norway.

When contacted by E24 on Thursday this week, Nergaard did not confirm that he had traveled to Switzerland.

– I am a private person and do not want to contribute to such an article. “I will not confirm or deny anything,” Nergaard said.

Long queue

Nergaard joins a number of wealthy Norwegians who have recently reported visiting Switzerland, including property billionaire Kim Erla, who E24 mentioned on November 1.

The same applies to married couples Hans Jacob and Randi Sundby, who denied to E24 that tax pressure in Norway was the reason they submitted their relocation notice.

The best reported moves from Norway this autumn are Martin Andresen (Cyprus) and Kjell Inge Rokke (also to Switzerland).

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