– More weapons are needed from Norway

– More weapons are needed from Norway

Norway has been around for decades He continued to say do not send weapons To war-affected areas.

This is a policy we made an exception when we recently decided to ship 2000 anti-tank weapons of the M72 type to Ukraine.

But despite Ukraine’s gratitude for all of Norway’s assistance, Ukraine’s ambassador to Norway, Vyacheslav Jatzuk, is ready: they need more Norwegian weapons.

– No more rush

“There is no more important goal than to assist the Ukrainian defense, and it is very urgent now,” Jutsuk told Dakbladet.

He emphasizes that financial and humanitarian aid, energy support and Russian sanctions are also important for Ukraine.

– But at least support us with weapons. With air defense systems, anti-tank weapons and warplanes, Norway has great potential here. This is a very important priority and I can not express it strongly, Jatsuk continues.

The ambassador continues to make a plea to the government and the Norwegian community in general:

– We greatly appreciate the contribution that Norway has already made with weapons and military equipment, but we need more and more advanced equipment soon.

Dagbladet asked Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt to comment on the ambassador’s wishes, but no response was received Tuesday night.

– Urgency for Ukraine

Already last week, Liberal Party leader Kuri Melby met with the Ukrainian ambassador. Here again he stressed the same need, Melby explains to Dagbladet.

– They are very pleased with the support, but they are very clear that in support of the purchase of weapons and humanitarian aid, they still need a significant amount in the form of weapons, Melby says.

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Since then, the situation in Ukraine has worsened.

Melby says the 2,000 anti-tank weapons sent by Norway so far are not enough for Ukraine to defend itself against Russia.

– He says it’s a good start, but a lot more is needed. We are now in a situation where Ukraine is fighting the invading army, Russia’s forces are excellent in number and weapons, so they need a lot of Western assistance. Norway is one of the origins, but Melby says we have to pay more if the Ukrainians are to get the help they need.

The left-wing leader is now impatient. He says it is now urgent for Ukrainians and hopes the government will act more slowly.

– Signals are missing

Melby and the Liberal Party are now asking written questions to Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt on Storting.

– In Ukraine, they may now realize that every hour counts. I appreciate that many difficult assessments take time, but now it is urgent. The party leader, who sits on a foreign committee in Sporting, says it is clear Ukraine needs more material.

In addition to arms assistance, Norway has so far donated two billion kroner to humanitarian aid in Ukraine. The Liberal Party hopes that Norway will also allocate one billion kroner in support of the Ukrainians’ purchase of arms.

– The Foreign Minister and the Prime Minister had already signaled a week ago that they were ready to take further action. And it would have been appropriate to get signals now as to whether all of the arms aids were appropriate. I’m missing a few more solid signals now, Melby concludes.

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