News, Summer | Chaos ashore, but great atmosphere on board

Emil Bragstad (18) stands at the Haljem ferry dock, directing cars on the way to the ferry to Diesnes.

– A lot of people went to Diesnesfest yesterday and today, but today it was definitely more. He says we were prepared and increased the staff but the 35 cars did not arrive on the ferry that left before 5pm today.

– Most people took it well and there was room for everyone who wanted to come on the next boats. Despite the car chaos in the boat channel, stress levels are low on the boat, Bragstad says.

Can’t stress enough

Earlier in the day, Fjord 1 issued a warning on Friday that the Halhjem-Våge link was in full swing, precisely because of the festival. They asked people to account for the extra waiting time.

– We’ve been to Diesnesfest before and don’t stress us out, says Elise Kwisgaard (25).

She sits on the car deck with her friends Lotte Haag (25) and Anna Storkson (25).

– The group of friends say it would be nice to go to the other side, and then we’ll go to Ronan Keating.

Maiken Lyssand Ødegaard (26), Maren Risøen (27) and Elise Hamlong (27) are also unaffected by the long car queues and relax on board before the ferry dock in Tysnes.

– First stop Mandelhuset, then the concert. Ødegaard says many fine artists will perform this year, but Chris Holsten will be the highlight of the evening.

Also in Mandelhuset will be a group of friends, Andreas Tuen Bjorke (38), Torre Matre (42), Frod Hertholm (41) and Thomas Lissant (40) from Oz.

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– Björk says that it’s actually quite random that we’re traveling, but we’re staying indoors and not going to a concert.

– I was at Diesnesfest before I was born

Although the route 1014 from Haljem to Vage is busy this weekend, conditions are good on the ferry.

Sondre Eidsvik (27) has lost count of how many times he has been to Tysnesfest.

– I’ve been at Diesnesfest since before I was born, says Eitzvig.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing?

– Bjørn Eidsvåg! The 27-year-old laughs.


Friends Praben Rangvind (25) and Morten Madsen (25) from Asan decided to go to Diesnesfest yesterday.

– We will meet some friends and stay in Tysnes for the weekend. It’s our first time going to a Disneys party and it’s the highlight of the summer so far, says Madsen.

– Friends say that it would be nice to have some rest now that there has been a lot of work so far this summer.

Many people travel to Diesnesfest in their own boats, and police are on the water to remind people to wear life jackets and stick to the alcohol limit. 1.16 per thousand was stopped by the police while in the police boat.

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