Strict rules in France: 200,000 people protest against compulsory vaccination

Strict rules in France

200,000 people protest against compulsory vaccination

France is currently battling a fourth wave. But that does not stop hundreds of thousands of people – some without masks – from protesting against planned measures to control the epidemic. Some protesters see a “dictatorship” in government.

The fight against health passport expansion and compulsory vaccination for some professional groups in France continues unabated. Across the country, more than 200,000 people protested against the strict rules. Over the past two weekends, more than 100,000 people have protested before the parliamentary decision on the measures. In all, Saturday’s demonstrations took place in more than 150 cities, including Toulon, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Marseille and Nice. More than 14,000 people gathered in the capital, Paris, according to the Interior Ministry.

Some opponents likened vaccine requirements to racism.

(Photo: Image Alliance / dpa / MAXPPP)

Strict rules do not only affect vaccine opponents and corona deniers. People from all walks of life took part in the struggles. In Paris, two protest marches took to the streets. Protesters, including several “yellow robes”, called the government a “dictatorship” in posters, accusing it of being an “attack on freedom” and comparing decades of racist segregation in South Africa. The health pass was sometimes called the “Nazi pass.”

This diversity and the scale of the nationwide struggles have sparked fears of a new “yellow robes” movement in France or an renewed increase in their struggles. “Gillette Johns” began their demonstrations in 2018 as a regional movement against the rise in petrol prices. Her citizenship quickly expanded as she became critical of the federal government and President Macron’s reform policies. The struggles continued to lead to destruction and violence.

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As can be seen in the press photos, most of the protesters did not wear safety masks. More than 3,000 police officers were on duty, including Samps-Elysees, a photographer told the news agency.

Opposition parties want to block the law

The French parliament passed a law last Sunday to tighten corona rules after a long struggle. It has been in effect since August 9 and provides the corona vaccine to health and care workers and firefighters and other rescue workers. Contrary to what the government originally wanted, refusing to vaccinate in these industries is not a threat to layoffs, but only by withholding their salaries.

It was also decided to expand the health passport that provides information about the vaccine or a negative test. For the first time, the corona test is being implemented in French restaurants and on long-distance trains and trade fairs and exhibitions for those who are not immune. Cinemas, theaters or museums, the vaccine, the survival infection or the negative corona test must be proven by July 21st.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. The government also submitted legislation to the Council for consideration. The Constituent Assembly will announce its decision on August 5 – just days before it comes into force.

Eighty-five percent of Covit-19 patients were not vaccinated


During the protests, people from various streams, including the “yellow robes”, mingled.

(Photo: Image Alliance / dpa / MAXPPP)

French Interior Minister Gerald Durman said the number of protesters should be kept in perspective. “If I were on par with the four million people who were vaccinated as a result of the president’s speech, one would find that the protesters are not the majority,” the Le Parisian newspaper was quoted as saying.

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In fact, both vaccination records and daily injection doses skyrocketed after Macron’s announcement. About 62 percent of people in France are now vaccinated against the corona virus at least once. More than half of the population has been fully vaccinated. However, the health situation is tense. Most recently, the number of new infections per 100,000 people in a week was 214 nationwide.

According to official figures released on Friday, the majority of Covit-19 patients treated in French hospitals have not been vaccinated: about 85 percent of Covit-19 patients in the normal and intensive care units are not vaccinated against corona. In addition, 78 percent of deaths after viral infection are not vaccinated. France is currently battling a fourth wave.

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