Joe Biden, USA | Joe Biden did not unite or become famous

Joe Biden, USA |  Joe Biden did not unite or become famous

Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States on January 20 last year with great expectations and strong promises of change. He was the most experienced politician to seize control after years of wild Trump.

– But he exaggerated his mandate and went for the development of a massive welfare state without political support. He exaggerated by not fulfilling his order and intimidated the right and deceived the left. This is how Biden raised the level of conflict in American politics, as opposed to what he was elected to, senior researcher Hilmer Mgelde told the NTB in Norce.

He points to the withdrawal of Afghanistan as the biggest failure, along with the continuing devastation of the epidemic. In his first year, Biden lost a lot of political capital.

– The United States already seems to have lost faith in Biden. That’s what happened to Jimmy Carter. I don’t think Biden is as talented enough to transform, as Bill Clinton managed, says Mgelde.

Syltynt Plural

Biden faced major challenges in a country where the divide appears to be increasing rather than decreasing.

Last year, US expert and lawyer Sofie Høgestøl told NTB that he was a man who tried to lead a divided America during an epidemic.

It is not easy to start a huge project with a very small majority in Congress.

– It will be difficult to implement Biden’s big plans unless Congress cooperates. Big things like the electoral reform he promised are stuck in the Senate. Høgestøl says there is no majority.

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Here the US President explains all the plugs:

Negative rating

Jonas Stein, an election analyst at UIT Norway’s Arctic University, points out that Biden got off to a tough start. He has gone from a positive rating to a negative rating.

Despite having a majority in Congress, Pitan was unable to deal with major issues. Stein says he could not keep Democrats together.

Jonas Stein points out that Biden was able to acquire more than $ 1,000 billion (9,000 billion kronor) worth of infrastructure.

– But to carry out the plan he had to separate health and infrastructure. The biggest failure was that he could not keep the Democrats together and that he could not get the much-talked-about cooperation on the party frontier, Stein says.

Only Trump is more influential

All presidents except Donald Trump are more popular than Joe Biden a year after coming to power. Of their Democrats, 51 percent now say they are dissatisfied with Biden, and only 43 percent say they are.

Pitney said he is proud of what is happening in the economy.

– Especially in recent weeks, he has come under attack in his first year story. Then the job numbers are drawn. Biden claims to have created one-third of the work that Trump did in one year. Nevertheless, we find that people are dissatisfied, says Sophie Hogestol.

Usually a solid first year

Political scientist Hilmar Mjelde points out that Biden is compliant with the mass vaccine, financial stimulus package and infrastructure.

– This is usually the definitive first year for any president. But Biden is valued for two things: epidemiology and economics. Epidemic and inflation prolong the crisis and create discontent over Biden, Mjelde tells NTB.

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In the fall, there will be by-elections that could make Biden’s first year in the presidency honeymoon difficult. Those were the golden months that something could be done.

– Great window where a president can do things for the first year. Then there is energy in the plans and there is a long time until the by-election. This is the first year that you can get major projects. That’s when Obama really started working with health and laid the foundation for his health care reform, says Sophie Hogestol.

The by-election is approaching

At least 34 of the 100 seats in the Senate and all 435 seats in the House of Representatives are due to go to the polls on November 8.

– Recent polls suggest that the Democrats may win a majority. They seem to have gotten more votes. But whether an absolute majority is enough in both is a completely different matter, says Jonas Stein.

Sofie Høgestøl points out that US presidents are at high risk of losing a majority in the by-elections. It happened to both Obama and Trump.

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– To this day they are unable to gather forces. If the Democrats lose the lower house, Biden will be completely locked out. This means that Pitton’s room for maneuvering to get things done is very small. If he is to come up with major reforms and fulfill his election promises, the situation is complicated. In six months, American political power will be swallowed up again by-elections, Høgestøl tells NTB.

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Hilmer Mgelde believes the by-election results are already clear.

– Republicans will win a majority in the House of Representatives again in November, and there is a real risk that Biden will be tried, even if there is no objective reason, Mjelde says.

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