Boys drop out of school: Boys at Stoverner VGS think this is the reason

Boys drop out of school: Boys at Stoverner VGS think this is the reason

Stovner (VG) Many boys drop out of school and do worse than girls in subjects. At Stovner VGS, the boys believe they may have the answer to why.

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There are still large gender differences between boys and girls at all levels in the education system.

Boys studying carpentry at Stovner VGS are not surprised by this.

They know someone who dropped out of school. They themselves realize that school is too theoretical and remember from their youth that they wished it was more practical.

– They say they can’t stand it, it’s boring, or they don’t have the energy for it, says Sebastian Avino Kinihinika (17) about people he knows who have dropped out of school..

Henry Nana Kyasi Giama (17) believes there may be other and more serious reasons why some boys drop out of school.

– I think one reason could be crime. That they need money. He says that those who skip school may engage in some criminal activities.

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– Why do you think young people choose crime over education?

– Because it’s so simple. You have to go to a person on the street and ask if you can work for them, and then you can earn money. I think it will affect the school, he says.

School: Henry Nana Kyasi Kiyama (17) and Sebastian Avino Kinihinika (17) both go to their mother's school.  They believe it is important to make parents proud.

Stovner received a visit from VGS

On this day, Education Minister Tonje Brenna (Apr) visited the boys at the school. He is responsible for implementing government policy for kindergartens, primary schools, secondary education and community colleges.

Brenna sees a difference between the sexes.

– We know that problems arise early. There are already differences between boys and girls when they start school, and the difference between the sexes increases year by year, she says.

– It is my responsibility to make the school a suitable place for all students, he says.

Today he gets tips and advice from those involved at Stovner VGS. How can school become a more attractive place for boys?

– I never like school because I don’t like sitting still. I like to make things, that’s why I chose construction, because I like to make things, says Nihinika (17).

One person who realizes that school is hard and noticed it already in elementary school is Fredrik Landerud (18).

– When I went to primary school, I was really restless. I couldn’t keep up, nothing was working. I don’t do school stuff. I enjoyed playing. “I think it’s better than sitting in school,” says the 18-year-old.

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He believes that education in primary school should be more practical, as it is now at VGS.

Classroom: For an hour, Education Minister Tonje Brenna listened to young people talk about their schooling and boys leaving school.

Boys VG meet at Stovner VGS believes that making parents proud is a good reason to finish school.

– I go to school to get an education and to make my mother proud. She would have been very angry if I hadn’t gone to school, says 17-year-old Jimei.

– I go to school for my mother, if I don’t go to school, how will I earn money? Nihinika(17) says I am going to school for my future.

Landerud worked hard to put friends through school.

– I have friends who went to school and did not stop.

What did you tell them?

– I told them that they benefited from going to school and not hanging around at home, says Laundert (18).

CARPENTER: Fredrik Landerud (18) shows what he has done at school this week.

I think there is a connection

Already in elementary school, a difference in performance between the sexes can be seen. In general, women score higher in national exams, Statistics Norway shows.

Figures from Statistics Norway show that girls do better than boys in Norwegian schools. Compared to men, more women completed VGS in normal time.

The Education Minister believes that the way you experience school already in the early years can say something about how well you do in secondary school.

– Brenna says it’s closely linked to completion.

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– Then I think it is very, very important, about what some boys are motivated to get through school. Here we need to find good ways to work together between home, school and leisure activities.

She carries with her the input she received from the boys at Stovner on this day.

– They say the same thing that professionals, teachers and students in other parts of the country have told me. We need to use both our head and our hands when we learn. “I think boys and girls would benefit if we made school a little more practical and diverse,” she says.

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