June 8, 2023


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Locals help with the Stegans tunnel - VG

Locals help with the Stegans tunnel – VG

Location of the crash: It was inside the Stegen tunnel between the neighboring municipalities of Hamroy and Stegen in the Northlands on Sunday afternoon.

The crew that came to the tragic crash in the Stegans tunnel on Sunday were all local. On Wednesday, police say three cars may have overtook the tractor before the crash.


– When accidents occur in small municipalities, part-time personnel are the first to arrive, says Torre Nordley, chief fire chief of the emergency department at the Salton Fire to Vigil.

There are those who have jobs other than vocational training such as teachers, farmers and civil servants, fishermen, firefighters.

Four Czech fishing tourists were killed and two were injuredThe driver of the tractor was slightly injured after it crashed into the back of a tractor with a trailer, a foreign-registered car, in the Stஜgen subway in Norland on Sunday.

The driver of the car was critically injured and was transferred from Norland Hospital to St. Olav Hospital on Monday.

Three cars may have gone past the tractor

On Wednesday morning, police reopened an investigation into a tunnel crash in the Stegans tunnel. For this they enlist the help of the Accident Committee of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Until the afternoon, inquiries into what had happened in the tunnel provided no answer.

A major issue of accident is the course of events in advance. Also, police are investigating what kind of lights were on the front and rear of the two vehicles and the lights on the tractor’s trailer.

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Police went outside Monday and asked motorists who had passed the tractor before the crash to contact them.

Now a motorist has done it.

The man was driving in the subway from Stigen’s side shortly before the crash. Inside the tunnel, he drove past a tractor with a trailer in the same direction. When the driver came out of the subway, he stopped at the Hamaroi side, waiting for someone behind him. The two cars then passed by, according to the person involved, station manager Ronnie Borge of Foske police station told Vijay.

– There are three cars past the tractor inside the tunnel.

– We control a witness who passed the tractor inside the tunnel. Witness believes the other two cars that arrived shortly after must have passed the tractor into the tunnel, Borge says.

He added that the police were interested in interacting with these two motorists.

The dead have now been sent to Tromsø for identification and autopsy, Borge added.

AIPN is also conducting a separate investigation into the crash.

Rental Location: Before the fatal accident on Sunday afternoon, ten Czech fishing tourists lived in Stegen.

Strong posts

When the alarm went off at 1600 on Sunday, 17 people, including Stegen and Hamari, were out.

In addition, the chief fire chief and another member of the fire and rescue service drove about 20 miles from Bodo.

– It is clear that all such accidents cause an appearance. It was a very serious accident with a tragic outcome. Four people were killed, one was seriously injured and one was injured, Chief Fire Chief Nordley said.

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The task force helped to free the injured from the vehicles and prepare to take them out.

– Some have more experience, others have less, but like us who do this full time, they are not naturally involved in many accidents, says Nordley.

– They do a fantastic job together with the municipal doctor, health workers and the police when an incident like this happens.

Emergency: The fire service task force, along with part-time local fire constables, was at the scene of the fatal accident first.

Opportunity to prepare me

On Monday night, the task force is usually called one To mitigatePreventive review of the incident that took place in a meeting room in Stegen.

– There we talked through records and experiences, says Nordley.

Seventeen members of the rescue squad were also present.

– We humans behave differently to impressions, and at meetings like this you get the opportunity to process records, says Nordley, who has 15 years of experience in the rescue work.

– This time I drove 200km before the accident. It gave me the opportunity to mentally prepare myself and create a plan for work. These trips are an important stage of preparation for all rescue workers rushing through accidents and fires – whether the trip to the crash site is short or long.