– Secure video recording is available – VG

- Secure video recording is available - VG
Accident: The accident was reported to the police at 15.17 on Tuesday.

A 12-year-old boy was killed Tuesday in a car crash in Dorsvik, Oygarden. Now police hope the video recordings will help the investigation.


Tuesday afternoon A 12-year-old boy has died After the accident at the bus stop at the Torsvik junction in Øygarden municipality.

The accident took place when a car overtook a bus at the bus stop. The driver of the car has been charged.

There were several children at the time of the conflict.

Perkensawichen He writes that the bus stop is located by the road with a speed limit of 80 km per hour and there is no change field.

Police lawyer Kersty Katherine Schwentzen told Vijay that the police are now gathering information and looking at items that could be displayed at the time of the accident.

– We took video footage from the bus and secured the car, but Sventchen says there is still talk of some witnesses from the scene of the accident.

Tragedy: The flag was hoisted at half-mast on Wednesday at the Landro School in Oygarden, where the deceased student died.

Swenton says police are now gathering information to create an image of the crash.

– To be sure we do not want to affect any of the witnesses too soon and have not yet been questioned, Sventson insists.

The 12-year-old boy was attending Landro School. The municipality helps with crisis groups and both the pastor, deacon, health nurse and assistant municipal manager were at the school today.

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– Unity in grief

In tragedy: The principal of Landro School says the focus is on caring for students and staff at the school.

In the Rector Landro School, Anita Wabo writes in a statement to VG that today they started the school day by gathering all the rivers in the gymnasium for a strong but dignified reminder.

– It’s sad, but it’s good to be together. At this tongue time our thoughts go towards the immediate family. At school, our focus is on taking good care of our students and staff.

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