DIY Tips To Decorate The Summerhouse

The summerhouse is the center of any backyard. This is a place for solitude on a hot day, a summer dining room, a favorite place for games, reading or handmade. And if the area allows, the summerhouse can even become an additional living space or your home office.

Its decor – both external and internal – should be given special attention. With it, you can dramatically change the look of your entire yard, adding character, volume, color and texture. With the right approach, this will not require large expenses; many elements of furniture and decor can be made yourself.

1. Choose comfortable furniture

Your comfort directly depends on how carefully you select furniture. Rattan outdoor furniture like swimming pool chairs or sofas looks the most beautiful. Pool furniture is usually universal – it can be placed both in the summerhouse and outdoors. Chairs for the pool are waterproof and are not subject to fading in the sun.

Throw pillows on sofas and chairs to create a cozy atmosphere. And in the middle of the summerhouse, place an accent carpet – it will set the tone for the entire space.

Tall puffs can help to diversify the standard outdoor furniture set of the summerhouse. So you will increase the number of seats for guests.

2. Add textiles

You can decorate the summerhouse with curtains or a canopy. It is better to choose a fabric depending on the functions that it will perform.

Curtains can be used as a decor, and in the summer they are indispensable for saving from the scorching sun. If the fabric is used only for decoration, then you can stop at light, airy options – tulle, organza, silk. Fans of natural materials should take a closer look at cotton and linen.

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But if curtains are needed to protect against rain and wind, choose dense materials – tarpaulins and awnings, and fabrics with moisture-resistant impregnation.

3. Hang garlands and arrange candles

To create a romantic atmosphere in the summerhouse, you can hang garlands and place candles. Garlands of low power and in large quantities are appropriate not only for the New Year, this is an inexpensive and effective way to illuminate the summerhouse and create a festive mood there. Warm light will add coziness, cold light is more often chosen by lovers of minimalism.

And if you find it difficult to choose between natural and LED lighting, place candles on the table in the summerhouse to be able to change lighting scenarios according to your mood.

4. Add plants

  • Climbing plants. Abundant greenery gently envelops the walls, the roof and wraps them like a blanket. You can not even spend money on building a structure made of wood or metal, but limit yourself to a few supports and a frame for the roof. Then, plant climbing plants on the sides, get a living garden summerhouse and enjoy partial shade even on a hot afternoon. It is also a good way to “update” an old building for recreation – by spitting an unsightly structure with bindweed, you can easily return the gazebo to a beautiful appearance. Plants such as wild grapes, honeysuckle, morning glory, climbing rose are suitable for creating dense greenery. In the latter case, you will not only limit the access of the baking sun inside the building, but also allow yourself to enjoy the wonderful aroma.
  • Green plants with bright inflorescences will decorate both the outer part of the building and the inside. Having a flower garden around the perimeter of the structure or hanging a home-made planter with ampoules plants inside, you will definitely change the appearance of the summerhouse. If you are thinking about how to decorate the inside of the gazebo, then planters with petunias, verbena or viola will be an excellent choice. For interior decor, vases will also come in handy, in which cut flowers will be fragrant.
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Making a summerhouse is a very interesting and creative process. You can combine different styles and ideas. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and practical.

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