Sports in Election Campaign: Festive Speeches – Taksavisen

Sports in Election Campaign: Festive Speeches – Taksavisen

It’s not much Residents of this country have avoided becoming a part of the game in one way or another. After all, no one is against sports. The importance of sports, exercise, health and experiences is acknowledged. Even the “jockey” paid tribute to the game, seeing the refrigerator as the next most important appliance from the sofa.

But also The game is about choices and priorities. We focus on Oslo because here the edges are steep and the battle for resources fierce. When the red-green party took over the city’s administration after a conservative city council eight years ago, Oslo lacked around 500 sports facilities to catch up with the national average. At least the incoming city council did something about it. Labour’s current mayoral candidate Rina Marion Hansen became the first city councilor for sport and volunteering. At least it raised the issue.

Facility Development In Oslo, the pace has picked up, and in addition to countless renovations of old facilities, you have to walk around the city to see the new multipurpose halls that actually exist. It’s a shame then that the campaign strategists in the Labor Party took a little too much cod liver oil and boasted about finished sports halls that were still only on the drawing board.

Just now There are three main cases at the Oslo Sports Court: the so-called Campus Ekberg, which will end in a court case between the Oslo Municipality and the Oslo Sports Circle. The Conservatives promise to settle the case if they take over. But is it that simple? On the far right, YMCA Oslo has been waiting years for an explanation of its planned arena. In Valle Hovin, a new figure skating rink will open in a few months and is ready for a roof, but will it be built? What will happen to all the city’s artificial grass pitches if rubber pellets are banned one day? This is not just a big problem in Oslo.

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The biggest in sports The challenge now in Oslo is to get everyone willing to take action. The challenge is greatest in inner Oslo, where the city’s classiest broadside clubs are located and make the best of derelict facilities. There, the focus is on getting children to train regardless of whether parents can afford the training fees or not.

New daily The president of Ullern IF, Alexander Aus, describes the situation from one side of the city. Post on TV2. He fears club death in Oslo. He had heard many good words, but few concrete proposals.

If you read the party programs You are not so smart about the game space in the city. Most people agree. You can see who did what. Oslo’s construction situation has improved under the current city council, but many want more. Only a few hours left for voting to end. But are there many people who put sports at the top of their priority list? The answer is impossible. Perfect choice!

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