Marwan (8 years old) lost his life in the earthquake in Morocco

Marwan (8 years old) lost his life in the earthquake in Morocco
Marwan (8 years old) lost his life in the earthquake in Morocco

Hamid bin Henna had just asked his son Marwan (8 years old) for a knife to cut the watermelon they were going to eat for dessert, when the earthquake left the world in ruins.


The family had finished their Friday dinner, lamb stew with vegetables, and across the table Marwan told his father what kind of school things he needed for the coming school year.

– That’s when it happened, says the father Reuters.

The room began to shake, the light went out and bricks began to fall from the roof of the house, as is the case in the remote village of Tafaght in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.

The 8 year old is One At least 2,122 people died in the earthquake, which occurred on Friday evening local time. More than 2,400 people were injured as a result of the earthquake, which is described as the strongest to hit Morocco in more than 100 years.

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Most of the dead lived in small villages in the mountains, like Hamid bin Henna and his family.

As the house collapsed around them, Ben Henna and his other son, Moaz, managed to get out through the open front door. They then released the mother at home, Amina, and her young daughter, Maryam.

But when the dust settled, they realized Marwan did not survive.

He ran home and was buried in the rubble.

The body was not recovered until the next day, when the family received help from Ben Henna’s brothers who came from Casablanca, a five-hour drive away, to retrieve the collapsed house.

Marwan’s body was laid to rest on Saturday morning.

The epicenter of the earthquake, whose magnitude was estimated by the European Seismological Center at 6.8, was located 77 kilometers from Marrakesh.

Rescue workers, including crews from Spain and Britain, were racing against the clock on Monday morning to find survivors.

Residents, who were digging with their bare hands to find their friends and loved ones, criticized the authorities who they believed were too late in relief efforts.

Morocco has now asked the army to participate in the rescue efforts, said it would deploy more search and rescue workers, and stated that the authorities would provide drinking water, food, tents and blankets.

State television said Sunday evening that the government was also considering accepting aid from other countries. Rescue dogs have already been sent from the UK and Spain, and Qatar also has people on their way.

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Watch the video – Searching for cover from the earthquake:


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