Canada: – Killed by a grizzly bear

Canada: – Killed by a grizzly bear

Last week, Jenny Goss, 62, and Doug Inglis went on a week-long road trip near the Red Deer River in Banff National Park in Saskatchewan, Canada.

They are referred to as experienced hikers with the proper equipment, and they should do so accordingly Watchman Prepare well for the trip.

Final words

However, on Friday evening around 20:00, after five days in the wilderness, they sent what was supposed to be their last message:

“Ugly bear attack.”

It was Colin Inglis, Doug’s uncle, who received the couple’s last signs of life.

He received a call from Garmin, the manufacturer of the satellite-based GPS system the couple uses. They said an SOS alert had been activated, and read the message containing three words: “Bear attack bad.”

The head of the family is killed by a grizzly bear

Parks Canada, which among other things manages the country’s 48 national parks, also received the notice. They immediately sent an armed team on foot.

The Guardian wrote that bad weather conditions prevented assistance from rescue helicopters.

Found without shoes

An hour after midnight, park rangers arrived at the area from which the emergency alert had been sent. There they found Jenny Goss, Doug Inglis and their seven-year-old sheepdog, Tris, dead outside the tent.

Experienced Hikers: The couple may have tried to defend themselves with bear spray.  Photo: Bulletin

Experienced Hikers: The couple may have tried to defend themselves with bear spray. Photo: Bulletin
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The grizzly bear, described as “extremely aggressive,” remained nearby. He was shot and killed instantly.

The family believes the couple was reading in the tent when the bear attacked. Their e-books were found smashed inside the tent.

– That’s what they usually do after dark, Doug’s uncle, Colin Inglis, tells Canadian Radio CBC On behalf of the family.

It is believed the couple’s Border Collie was in the tent with them and was being cuddled.

That night was just the beginning of a long grieving process. You get a message like this, and you know something terrible is happening, but you have no other information.

Killed in the open street

Killed in the open street

Neither Jenny nor Doug were wearing shoes when they were found. It is therefore reasonable to believe that they were attacked inside the tents.

Bear spray was also discovered to have been emptied, indicating that at least one of them tried to scare the grizzly away.

Old bin

Parks Canada does not want to speculate on the reason behind the fatal attack, but states that the couple stored their food properly.

– The accident occurred in a remote area in the wilderness, and there were no witnesses, as they say in a statement, published by The Guardian newspaper.

According to CBC, the grizzly bear mentioned above was not known to Parks Canada. It should also have a lower fat content than is normal for gray cats at this time of year.

This group of tourists didn’t seem to be afraid when the grizzly bear came towards them. Video: Scenic Bear Watching
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Parks Canada said in a press release on Tuesday that an autopsy on the bear showed that it was an elderly bear over 25 years old. The teeth must be in poor condition.

The laboratory, which examined the bear’s DNA, confirms that this bear was responsible for the attack, according to the press release.

For the first time in decades

Furthermore, they state that fatal attacks are very rare:

– During the past ten years, three encounters with a grizzly bear have been recorded in Banff National Park. This was not fatal. This incident is the first death caused by a grizzly bear in Banff National Park in decades.

TV file revealed: - Perverted

TV file revealed: – Perverted

The national park is home to both grizzly bears and black bears. According to the news agency Reuters About 60 grizzly bears live in Banaf National Park.

The park attracts more than four million tourists annually.

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