15 years killed in Sweden: – Unbelievable with children in gang wars

15 years killed in Sweden: – Unbelievable with children in gang wars
Where: Police outside the sushi restaurant where the murder took place on Saturday night.

The murder of a 15-year-old in a restaurant in Sweden is linked to a wave of violence sparked by the drug war in and around the capital.


In Sweden, there are strong reactions on Sunday to the fact that a 15-year-old was shot dead at a sushi restaurant the night before.

The person suspected of committing the murder is also under the age of 18.

to me SVTs Sources link the murder to the recent wave of violence in Stockholm and Uppsala, where two criminal gangs clashed regularly over the drug trade.

“It is inconceivable that children are involved in gang warfare,” says someone in the local area Aftonbladet.

A woman tells the same newspaper how she entered the restaurant and saw the boy lying on the floor:

– I think he’s already dead, but I tried to do everything I could. It took time before the police and ambulance arrived. I wish I could do something more, says the woman.

Police officer Rein Berglund tells us Express that he came to the scene of the accident and recognized the 15-year-old.

– It’s terrible. There’s a boy we’ve been worried about lately, says Berglund.

Investigation: The police were present at the crime scene on Saturday evening.


On the same night, there were explosions in two suburbs of Stockholm.

Police said the blasts damaged the entrances of two houses, but no one was hurt.

According to the report, one of the houses is associated with a well-known Swedish rapper Expresswho also writes that the rapper is currently abroad.

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The police are investigating whether there is a connection between the shooting and the explosions.

today’s news He interviewed a woman who lives near another apartment building where explosions occurred earlier in January:

– Many people are afraid, but I am the most damned, you say.

Regular Explosions: The image shows another door that was destroyed three weeks ago in the south-central area of ​​Stockholm.

According to the prosecution, a boy under the age of eighteen was arrested at three o’clock on Sunday evening. He is suspected of contributing to the murder.

The shooting occurred on Saturday night at 6 p.m. inside a sushi restaurant in the Skögas district, south of Stockholm, he said. Aftonbladet.

On Sunday, forensic technicians continued their investigations at the cordoned off site. The police are investigating whether the shooting incident was captured by surveillance cameras, and a number of people have been questioned.

larger wave of violence

Stockholm has been hit by an exceptionally strong wave of violence since Christmas Day.

He became a well-known person in the criminal gang environment, and was shot dead in Rinkebi district.

Read more about the background to the conflict: “whatever he does”

Rinkebi: On Christmas Day, a man linked to gang crime was murdered in Rinkebi. Since then, there have been a series of violent incidents in and around Stockholm.

This happened:

Episodes of gunfire and explosions have replaced one another in the Swedish capital in recent weeks. In total, at least 20 violent crimes have been linked to gang criminals in the past month:

  • December 25: A man with links to a criminal gang is shot dead in the suburb of Rinkeby, west of Stockholm.
  • On December 27, an explosion occurred in the staircase of an apartment complex where a person with a connection to a gang crime lived. This man and the man who was killed on Christmas Day must She came to prominence in the investigation after the murder of rapper Einar in 2021.
  • On December 28, an explosion occurred in an apartment building in the southern Stockholm suburb of Varsta. There were also two shootings south of Stockholm. A 15-year-old is suspected of attempted murder after being shot.
  • On December 31, three people were injured after being shot in the suburb of Vallingby, west of Stockholm. There was also an explosion in the suburb of Ragsved, south of Stockholm.
  • On January 2, explosions occurred in a stairwell in an apartment complex in the suburb of Bagarmossen, south of Stockholm, as well as in Grimsta, west of Stockholm.
  • On January 4, a man was shot dead in Jordbro, a short distance south of Stockholm. A man in his forties was injured.
  • On January 5, an explosion occurred in an apartment complex in the southern Stockholm suburb of Varsta.
  • On January 10, a shooting occurred at a train station in the city of Kungsingen, northwest of Stockholm.
  • On January 12, shots were fired at an apartment complex in the suburb of Järvalla, west of Stockholm. No one is hurt.
  • On January 14, holes were found in the door of an apartment in the northern Stockholm suburb of Marsta.
  • On January 17, a powerful explosion occurred in a restaurant in the northern Stockholm suburb of Kista.
  • On January 18, an explosion occurred at the gate of a commercial building in Kista. An explosion also occurred in a stairwell in Orsta, a district in southern Stockholm.
  • On January 19, another explosion took place in Orsta, at the same time as the apartment shooting in Varsta.
  • On January 20, a man was shot dead in the suburb of Hovudsta, west of Stockholm. Another shooting took place in an apartment in Faresta.
  • On January 21, shots were fired in the southern Stockholm suburb of Dalin. Two of the three who were later arrested were under the age of 18.
  • On January 25, shots were fired at a door in the small town of Södertälje, southwest of Stockholm.
  • On January 26, a powerful explosion occurred in an industrial area in the suburb of Potkirk, west of Stockholm.
  • On January 28, a 15-year-old was killed at a sushi restaurant in Hudinge, south of Stockholm. Later that night, two explosions occurred in the suburbs of Upplands-Bro and Upplands-Väsby, north of Stockholm.
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