Weather – Thunderstorms were surprising

Weather – Thunderstorms were surprising

Around 5.40pm on Monday evening, when a thunderstorm hit Oslo, several Dagbladet journalists with weak Monday nerves jumped onto the roof.

But the surprise was quickly replaced by surprise – because it was such bad weather on Monday night?

– Light rain north of Oslo throughout the day. Now heading towards Oslo. It doesn’t always look so good in Yr – that’s true. Weather forecasters aren’t always good at predicting these showers—they can occasionally miss them.

Lightning and Thunder Weather: This should be done to protect the electronics in the home during lightning and thunder. Video: Embla Hjort-Larsen / DBTV. Photo: NTP
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This is what meteorologist on duty Eldbjørg Moxnes tells Dagbladet.

– This usually applies to rain showers, which are generated by solar heat throughout the day. The sun warms the air and then showers like this come throughout the afternoon and evening. They are often difficult, she says.

Gives more hope: – Check out Tromsø!

– Not sure

Meteorologists were expecting rain on Monday evening – but not necessarily in Oslo, Moxnes insists.

– Rainfall is often in the forecast, but if the weather model doesn’t put them there, it won’t be so good in Oslo, but in Lillestrom for example.

He explains that Yr users in Lilleström will get a warning that rain is coming, but Oslo residents won’t.

– but the storm could just as easily hit Oslo as Lillestrom.

She could not rule out more thunderstorms during the evening.

– Thunderstorms, were those reported too – not just for Oslo?

– It was a bit uncertain. Moxnes says at 18.00 that there will be no thunder today.

Rain: It rained in the center of Oslo on Monday evening.  Photo: Miriam Baggeord / Dogbladet

Rain: It rained in the center of Oslo on Monday evening. Photo: Miriam Baggeord / Dogbladet
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Suggest a rainfall map

At that time, there were no thunderstorms other than the capital on Monday evening.

– Otherwise, there has been some rain in the north throughout the interior. Lillestrom and further north, and of course in central Norway. But there’s no thunder, so it’s raining right now in Oslo, which is suddenly a bit unnerving, says Mogsnes.

The meteorologist recommends the public to use the rainfall map in the Yr app.

– If it rains in the area you see it, then you think the rain might be coming towards you.

A precipitation map also shows the movement of rainfall on the map, Moxnes explains.

– Then see if they are going this way or that way – if they are going towards where you are. It’s actually the best thing to watch in such stormy conditions.

Attentional: Fake

Attentional: Fake

Rainfall: Annual rainfall map 18.45.  Form Dump:

Rainfall: Annual rainfall map 18.45. Form Dump:
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Police:- Be careful

Oslo police are asking the public to be careful in a message on their Twitter/X page.

– Today is the day we need to dry off a bit. It didn’t happen that way. The police write that there has been a traffic jam in many places due to the heavy rains that have fallen in the last one hour.

Roads were flooded in several places in Oslo, Oskar and Baram, police said.

to do Oslo newspaper Vidar Pedersen, operations manager at the Oslo Police District, said there were major problems with the trams in Trammensveen near Skarpsno on Monday evening.

The tram runs in both directions, and it also affects car traffic, he says, according to the newspaper.

– The tram currently has some accessibility challenges in Skarpsnodalen due to flood water, especially between the Skarpsno and Nobels Gate stops. Press officer Don S. Tuhus told AO that the tram is running on line 13 in Skøyen until further notice.

According to Moxnes, the weather will not be pleasant during the week.

– It’s still a bit volatile. More rain is likely tomorrow. The weather is not very stable at the moment, but there may be an improvement over the weekend in southeast Norway, which has seen a lot of rain recently.

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