«Sofa»: – – Some will be offended

«Sofa»: - - Some will be offended

Soon, the stage will be set for a completely new round with the audience-winning “sofa” on TV2, and we will gain a little insight into TV habits in the coming season. Girlfriend Owen Croke (25) and Levi Dry (24), And “Farmer” -Rob (54) And family.

The former was known when they were Participated in “Somerhita” Season 4 and won. Croke is also relevant Participant in “Farm Celebrity”.

Also the farm show was the first couple to be seen on the “sofa”.

– I did not know we were going to see it, so I was a little nervous, Croke agrees with Dacplat.


Back: Levi and Owen are also from “Somerhita” in the new season of “Sofa”. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2
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I like junk TV

– I have some training in watching myself on TV, but in appearance it is a bit embarrassing. I have learned to be kind to myself, but it is not a dream situation, he adds.

Although the couple have different TV habits, they will both follow “Farmen kjendis” this year. But beyond that, they have very different options.

Again: Last year’s winners Levi Try and Øyunn Krogh returned to “Sommerhytta” and this is what they say about the participants. Video TV2
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– I often watch TV and then watch everything – but I really like junk TV. “Love Island UK” is a favorite. I get very involved in relationships and personal relationships – despite a lot of nonsense of course, Croke says.

– It’s so boring, totally horrible, the effort goes out quickly. He sees something completely different.

– Either I watch sports like biathlon or cross-country skiing or I watch “The Debate”. It’s not a one-time meat.

– Shit we’re naughty

The first two are very seasonal, but try not to worry about it significantly. He has no problem looking at old ski runs and remembering how they ended up.

– You have found yourself a little useful pastime, laughs girlfriend.

Spicy On the TV 2 show “Sofa”, girlfriend couple Martin Lunde and Alexander Chatterstall come out with bitter expressions. Video: TV2
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They both agree that discussions arise easily when they watch TV together.

– When you watch TV and shoot, you realize how wrong you are. “Sid we are naughty” I thought many times.

– Some will probably be offended

Further Robert Michael Scott, Known by “The Farm” last year, and the family will be a little more on the TV screen in the future. He thinks it will fall on good soil with onlookers.

– We are a beautiful family, none of us really have a filter. We are very happy to discuss and we do not always agree to put it that way.

Scott claims to be the boss of the remote control, but the whole family’s favorite is reality TV.

Surprise: “The Farm” – Robert was a real surprise when one of his daughters brought him a Christmas present this year.
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– Then there’s still a lot to discuss, he says.

– I’m very excited about what they choose. Some will be hurt, but this is 2022 and people will always be hurt. We look forward to it, he laughs.

TV Profiles: Lynnie Meister and Mia Gundersson are also involved.  Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

TV Profiles: Lynnie Meister and Mia Gundersson are also involved. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2
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No doubt

He admits to himself a somewhat unusual guilt pleasure. He likes the so-called “Chick Flicks”.

– Regular romantic movies where someone stays together, they split up and find each other again – I love it.

Asked if he would follow “Farmen kjendis” which will be screened on Tuesday, he gave a somewhat surprising answer.

Tragedy: Robert “Norverap” Scott was depressed for eight years after losing his three brothers. Video: Andreas Fadum
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– We saw the “farm” last year until I smoked, but after that it was not fun. Absolutely true, I can not even imagine watching “The Farm Celebrity” now.

Scott admits he has never seen the “sofa”, but he thinks it’s amazingly fun, and it’s no doubt something he has to say yes to.

“Sofa” premieres on TV 2 and TV 2 Play on Thursday, January 13th.

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