Bath shock in Sørlandet

Bath shock in Sørlandet

Norway’s Gold Coast won’t be luring holiday-hungry Norwegians with summer temperatures this week – not in the air or at sea.

In recent weeks, the temperature in the Akhtar Sea has been shown to exceed 20 degrees. However, on Tuesday morning, the water temperature at Flotavigen in Arendal dropped from 20 degrees to ten degrees. It informs Agderposten.

Across southern Norway, from Egersund to Risør, bathing temperatures dropped sharply from Monday to Tuesday, according to the Marine Research Institute.

– Like a shock

John Eric Stienson, head of research at the Institute of Oceanographic Research, explains that such sudden changes in temperature in the ocean are caused by sea breezes – winds that carry surface water away from land.

– Ten degrees feels like a shock. If you take a shower at 17 degrees and the next day it’s ten, there’s a big difference, he tells Dogbladet.

Summer Idle: Away from holidaymakers at Lillesand, the warm surface water has traveled into the Skagerrak.  Photo: Lars Eivind Bones / Dogbladet

Summer Idle: Away from holidaymakers at Lillesand, the warm surface water has traveled into the Skagerrak. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones / Dogbladet
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Such changes are not unusual in southern Norway, says the research manager. But it is still not common for the bath temperature to drop by ten degrees. It’s more.

– A few kilometers away at Skagerrak, the water is 17 degrees and enjoying itself.

Only when the wind returns will we be able to enjoy that bathing water.

Norwegian Institute of Marine Research overview of bath temperature, Haversel.No, shows that the bathing temperature in Grimstad on Wednesday is 11 degrees, Christian and the water is 12 degrees. It’s 12 degrees in Arendal, but on Thursday it will move up to 16 degrees.

- is very confusing

– is very confusing


For the warm water to reach the southern coast again, easterly winds are needed.

– Heat is very conservative in the ocean. Once it arrives, it stays for a while and takes a long time to warm up, says Stienson.

There is still good bathing water in the sea in the Oslo Fjord – where the wind does not catch the surface water. In western Norway, the sea is still warm.

European weather agency Eumetsat recently released spectacular videos of lightning spreading across the Earth. Video: Eumetsat, Storyblocks. Correspondent: Annabelle Brun/Talkblade TV
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When surface water is pulled from land, it is pulled 90 degrees to the direction of the wind, explains Stiansen of the Institute of Marine Research. That means if the wind blows from the west, the water moves south. In southern Norway, they have to wait for an easterly wind for better bathing temperatures.

By the end of the week, warmer degrees are expected to return, according to the National Weather Service. At least in the air.

25 degrees

– Daytime highs of 25 degrees in Aktor over the weekend. Sea temperatures will gradually rise over the weekend, but there will still be unsettled winds from next week. So I’m not sure if it’s going to return to ocean temperatures, says Siri Viberg, meteorologist on duty.

So it might be tempting to take a bath at the weekend in southern Norway, but it will take some time for the bath temperature to return.

Weather forecaster Viberg insists that it will take several days of heat to begin to warm the ocean.

On Tuesday, there was rain over Rogaland and Akhtar, and rain fell in “buckets”. This may have also affected the bathing temperature, says the meteorologist.

This year has good bathing temperatures in advance. This June was the fourth warmest June since records began in 1900.

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