Enova, by bike | Here, residents get a free heat pump

Enova, by bike |  Here, residents get a free heat pump

Pike Electrification Municipality has cut off electricity to the residents. The municipality, which has a population of 948, has generated huge revenue through the sale of electricity. Last winter, the municipality adopted a startlingly generous support program for energy savings.

For example, if you want to put in a heat pump, you get 75 percent of the investment cost, up to NOK 30,000. If you have a low income, the municipality will step in and pay for the entire installation. What is considered a low income is: NOK 400,000 for single persons and NOK 600,000 for families with children.

While this is a simple step that will provide big savings for most people, Enova does not support it.

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You will receive this from Baikal Municipality

  • Rock heat pump Supported up to NOK 100,000. This technology, which requires drilling in the ground, is supported by Enova for up to NOK 10,000.
  • Up to 50 percent off the price of a clean-burning stove up to NOK 17,500.
  • A technology that can reduce heating costs by 50-70 percent for an air-to-water heat pump purchase of up to NOK 100,000. If you want to be reinsured, you get up to NOK 150,000.
  • Support for solar cells is up to 50 percent, i.e. up to NOK 100,000 Better than Enova’s support plan. Plus the facility has to be connected to the electricity grid through a customer contract.
  • All operations, except post-backup work, can be linked to Enova support.

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Low power consumption

Mayor Hans Blattmann (AP) in Pike tells Nettawissen that the plan is because the municipality is rich.

– There is a reason why we are rich, that is the power income that arose as a result of developing power. Like other jurisdictional municipalities, we are legally entitled to compensation for our interventions, says Flatman.

But there was a time when the municipality was not rich.

– Before we got electricity revenue, Baikal municipality was one of the poorest municipalities in Norway and the last place where the poor fund was closed. The story is not bright, but since the 1980s we have had a steady rise in income.

There are two issues that the Municipal Council has taken as a basis for this work.

– Electricity prices, which skyrocketed last year, do not seem to be returning to where they were. Both heat pumps and other measures can reduce people’s electricity consumption. The second is the environmental aspect. We must adapt to a new era of lower emissions. We do our work locally, so we can make demands on others nationally and internationally. We sweep before our own door first.

Baikal is not one of the most populous municipalities in Norway. So the single use budget is NOK 7.5 million.

– On the scale of a city, it’s still a bracket, says the mayor.

A total of 320 residents, private families and 40 businesses, groups and organizations have applied for support, Municipal Director Karina Sloth sent an SMS to Netavision.

17 municipalities with single-use measures

Only 17 Norwegian municipalities have earmarked money for single-use measures.

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However, the Norwegian Heat Pump Association believes that support in these municipalities is good.

– Since many municipalities prioritize low-income households, air-to-air heat pumps are profitable but not necessary to invest in, Rolf Iver Maiting Hagemon, general manager of the Norwegian Heat Pump Association, told Minenergi.no. .

He writes that a total of NOK 110 million has been allocated through the municipal budget Minenergi.no. You can also apply for support through Enova. Read more about it here.

Move to the bike

The plan was approved by the previous municipal council, but the mayor can reveal that work is underway to continue the plan.

– We hope the project will continue. We are now in the budget process and have very strong options to continue.

– Shall we go to Baikal?

– Yes. Here is the new nature, snow, short distance. We’ve built smart. There is full nursery coverage, school for all and excellent services. Move here.

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