Amalie Snowlos about the disease: – I was nauseous almost all the time

Amalie Snowlos about the disease: – I was nauseous almost all the time

TV profile Amalie Snolos (27) became known to Norwegians in 2017 when she participated in “The Farm”. Since then, he has been seen in shows like “Shall We Dance” and “Systemman Wood”.

In the fall of 2020 in the TV 2 series “Plip vs. Snolows (33) with comedian Stian Philip.

Reveals violations

In the same year, Snolus revealed to “Good Evening Norway” that he was diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after attending “Skull We Dance” in 2018, which resulted in him being in the emergency room several times.

– Throwing it in the face was difficult at first, but very good. Because I could know and justify why I felt so heavy in my body, she said.

Challenge: Eserien presenter Amalie Snøløs challenges Arkan Resul, one of Norway’s best players in Fifa, to play in a new way. Images from Dplay.
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– A mixture of emotions

On several occasions, Snowlows has been open about the disease and all that it entails. Now she’s opening up more about the diagnosis on her own Instagram account.

Received help against disease

Received help against disease

The TV profile was a former top athlete and had a deep passion for football. He played in the first division and made his debut in the national team already at the age of 16 and trained up to 1,000 hours a year.

However, throughout her youth, she felt something was wrong with her body and in 2017 she “gave up” as a soccer player. The following year, she was in “Skull We Dance” – and that changed a lot for her.

“During SVD, I felt nauseous almost all the time, lost weight, and felt anxious about my health,” she writes on Instagram.

Dance partners: Amalie Snowlos and dance partner Jorgen Nielsen in 2018

Dance partners: Amalie Snowlos and dance partner Jorgen Nielsen on “Shall We Dance” 2018. Photo: Thomas Reisseter/TV2
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Snowlos eventually moved to a private hospital, where he was taken seriously. After a long investigation, she was diagnosed with the disease.

Anger at Kevir: - Incredibly childish

Anger at Kevir: – Incredibly childish

“It was a mix of emotions. I didn’t feel the joy or sadness associated with the diagnosis. I felt grateful that I finally had confirmation that there was something wrong with me. It was something I hadn’t imagined.”

– It’s amazing

And in the post, Snowlows writes that over time she didn’t know what was really wrong — and it had big consequences.

“Obviously I wish I had gotten it earlier. But it didn’t. It’s amazing how life changes, and in retrospect it’s easy to think: Why didn’t they figure it out earlier?”.

Injury: Amalie Snowlows injures herself in “Camp Culinaris”.
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Finally, in the post, she now shares that she has been honored as an ambassador for the Epilepsy Society.

That's why she moved: - Cory

That’s why she moved: – Cory

In addition, he assures his followers that despite the diagnosis, he still feels a strength and joy in his life.

Dagbladet was in contact with Amalie Snøløs, who had no comment on the matter.

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