Man charged after police chase after assaulting and stabbing woman

Man charged after police chase after assaulting and stabbing woman

At 22.09 police received information that a woman had been stabbed in Nototon.

– He goes to the hospital in an ambulance, the police in the southeast writes on Twitter.

A hunted criminal

Soon, it became clear that the culprit had fled, and the police began a search, which continued throughout the night.

Police shared the details on Twitter to seek tips from the public:

“The person is 18 to 20 years old. He wears a dark sweater and olive pants. The person has 3 to 4 cm long hair”

Before midnight, the police said that a person was brought in in connection with the incident, but the person was not arrested.

– We have taken a person found outside. We don’t want to lock ourselves into this guy, he’s not under arrest. But he has been brought in, says Johnsrud, the operations manager. Operations manager Christian Jansrud tells TV 2 that there is one person we met who may be connected to the incident.

At 02.26 pm on Monday, a police report said that the person brought in has been charged in the case.

Attacked in public

Police did not disclose any personal relationship or connection between the victim and the accused.

– That girl didn’t live here, she was in Nototon. She is not involved in any conflicts. Jonsrud tells TV2 that it should be treated as an attack.

He could not go into more detail about the sequence of events and witness observations.

– He says we are now talking to witnesses and gathering information, I should come back after that work is done.

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He insists police are still seeking tips from the public in the case.

– We have received several tips and are working on them.

Area blocked

At two o’clock on Monday night, he confirms that the condition of the person who was brought in is still the same and that the police are searching with high priority.

According to Telemark Newspaper A large area around the Notodan public transport station is blocked off in the centre.

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