– I know I’m very angry – Viji

- I know I'm very angry - Viji
Celebrity: Evelyn Carlson is one of Norway’s most famous cosmetic influencers. He’s on TV2 this season for “The Bloggers”.

Influencer Evelyn Carlson, 29, responded that in her book “Basic Nursing” she described being provided with a central premise for a “beautiful and perfect body”.


This book is in the curriculum for nursing students in the country. According to publisher Guildentell, this is a basic work for nursing education and can be used throughout the study.

Evelyn Carlson, who now has 100,000 followers on Instagram and 85,000 followers on YouTube, reacts to how she is referred to in the book.

– Carlson tells Viji that it makes me sad, annoyed and surprised.

Because, in a section about the body and how pictures of beautiful and slim bodies today are shared by many on social media and YouTube, Evelyn Carlson with Sophie Ellis mentions this way:

“In Norway, influential people like Sophie Ellis and Evelyn Carlson were the main suppliers of the campus for beautiful and perfect bodies.”

Carlson responded by posting several posts on stories on Instagram, where he had known her on YouTube and social media for six years. No. Focus on the body.

“I know I’m very annoyed, in which I certainly don’t identify myself,” he writes on Instagram.

Race Owner Publisher: Influence and YouTuber Evelyn Ellis Stolen Carlson (b. 1992) published the book “Makeup Pipeline” in 2019 at Gilden. He is now angry against the same publisher as described in the textbook for nurses.

Carlson is now seeking clarification from the publisher who published his own book, The MacBook Bible, two years ago.

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– Yes, I react very much, wondering who is the proof here. They can format the sentence well without mentioning the names of two people. In this way, they give me a focus that I am not interested in, she says and explains:

– I did not write anything about the body or analyze my own body, on the contrary, I was very careful without that focus. I never trained on social media, never mentioned body part, never complained about anything related to the body.

Basic work: “Basic nursing” is a basic work for nursing education – by Nina Zahren Christopherson, Eli-Anne Skok, Simon A. Written by Stendall and Gro Helmland Grimsby.

She asks:

– Is it wrong to walk on your own body? Is it enough to mention me as a supplier of a perfect and beautiful body? No, I think this is very unreasonable and absurd. They put me in a stall I didn’t want to be in, which makes me devastated, says Carlson.

Viji tried to contact the author of the book, but was unsuccessful. Camilla Bruceland, information manager at Gilden, says they are well aware of the case in a short comment.

– Guildent is well aware of this case and we are watching it closely with the author, says Bruceland.

Although Sophie Ellis (26) is also mentioned in the book, she says she was not much involved in referring to VG.

no answer

– If I go out and think a lot about this, I think it will lead to negative comments – here and there. And I think this does not benefit anyone.

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That being said, if you have to judge from a sentence it seems like a fairly nonsensical teaching curriculum, and I think future nurses can reflect on it more subtly, Sophie Ellis writes in a text message.

Evelyn Carlson, also suitable for fall TV2 series “The Blockers”, After posting his reactions on Instagram, he says he has received a lot of support from his followers.

– In a way I made sure that Gilden was not the only one who thought it strange to report this in a textbook. I think this is wrong for people who do not follow me and do not know what I stand for, says Carlson, who does not know what this case can do.

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– I do not like it written in black and white in the textbook. In the first case, I contacted the publisher and then considered what I could do.

– Some may think you have to put up with being described like this – Because you share yourself so much on social media?

– I am interested in the impact of a positive lifestyle on daily life and challenges. I certainly don’t want to be an influencer who makes people feel bad because of the sentence in the textbook. I want you to be healthy and safe following me, Carlson says.

– If you have to be punished for having a body, we can do nothing anymore.

Viji was in contact with Liv Blom-Stokstad, the publishing director at Guildental Academies, who is well aware of the case, but says he only has a chance to respond later to Evelyn Carlson’s criticism.

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