– Now it’s dangerous – NRK Trøndelag

Ordfører på Røros, Isak Veierud Busch.

– For some parts of the business community, this is starting to get dangerous. Really dangerous, says the mayor of Roros, Isaac Weirut Busch (Labor).

As the only municipality in Trøndelag, Røros has the same electricity price as Eastern Norway.

Now the Labor mayor has made a strong plea to his party colleagues in government:

– We cannot live with such extreme price differences for electricity in different parts of Norway. Something needs to be done urgently.

Røros Brygger and Minneralvannfabrikk pay more than NOK 2 per kilowatt hour on Monday. Other breweries in northern Norway pay more than 1 øre.

Photo: Siri Saugstad / NRK

It’s about jobs

– It’s already been a long time. We are talking about jobs. I feel like the government is just paralyzed, says Robert Holm at Roros Brewery and Minneralvannfabrik.

This year they are giving almost four times more electricity than last year. They have invested in a new bottling line and demand has increased. Now it should be saved.

– We are not able to achieve the growth we want. Now we have to think about how many employees we have and where we can save. We have to have money to pay the bills, says Holm.

The bar has six employees.

Holm is proud of the products they make, but right now it’s tough. It has to compete with bars that have almost free electricity.

Agriculture and Food Minister Sandra Porch visited Roros Brewery and Mineral Water Factory.  From right are Robert Holm and Morton Hermo.

A recognized institution in ROROS. Here, Minister of Agriculture Sandra Borch visited Røros Brewery and Minneralvannfabrikk. From right, general manager Robert Holm and Morton Hermo.

Photo: Private

Big price differences

On Monday, there are big differences in electricity prices in Norway:

  • Roros and Eastern Norway: 2.04 kroner per kilowatt hour
  • Sørlandet: 4.08 kroner per kilowatt hour
  • Western Norway: 2.04 kroner per kilowatt hour
  • Central Norway: 2.33 øre per kilowatt hour
  • Northern Norway: 1.86 øre per kilowatt hour

In June, people paid an average of 17 times more Electricity in southern Norway than in central Norway and northern Norway.

More electricity this summer than last winter. Energy analysts are predicting a tough winter with electricity prices higher than ever.

Asks to make Norway into France

The mayor of Røros calls for stronger controls on the price of electricity. He believes politicians should do the same as the French government. introduced Maximum cost of electricity In January this year.

– It will provide more predictability. Mayor Bush says there’s no stopping Norway from doing it after the French government does it.

He believes last year was a lesson.

– We have seen what happens when the market is given free rein. Now it should become more predictable.

Bush says he is most concerned about small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have long-term contracts for electricity.

Jonas Carr Store

Prime Minister Jonas Cahr has yet to make any plans to set a maximum price for electricity in Storr France.

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTP

The store says no to the maximum price of electricity

Prime Minister Jonas Karstor said in an interview on Sunday Offenposten / E24 Interference in the electricity market is now irrelevant. He believes that politicians should not decide the price of electricity.

– We cannot control the power sector so that every hour of the day we fall below the maximum price approved by the Storting. The operation of 1000 Shakti magazines affects prices, says Storer in an interview.

NRK sought a comment from the store, but is yet to receive a response.

LO leader demands action

– This is not a livable situation, says Jan-Peder Denstad, head of LO in Trondheim.

He says that the business community in central Norway is good at having low electricity prices, but the large differences cannot continue.

– Denstadt says that power must be subject to political control.

It was like that in Norway before 1990. Then the country got one New Energy Act. The market should determine the price of electricity.

Tenstad understands the concern of Roros’ mayor. Now steps should be taken to prevent water reservoirs from emptying and electricity prices from skyrocketing. The highest price to consider in France, says LO leader.

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