Fosen enthusiasts step up. Police cleared protesters outside the Finance Ministry.

Fosen enthusiasts step up.  Police cleared protesters outside the Finance Ministry.

Fosen activists blocked more ministries in Oslo on Wednesday morning. The police started removing them in the nineties.

The process has been extended to apply to the Ministry of Climate and Environment and the Ministry of Commerce.

These are buildings located 600-700 meters from the government quarter in Akershuskata. This has been the occupation of the protesters since the beginning of the activities.

Reported in the nineties NRK The police are involved in the removal of officials of the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries.

Later, the police did it outside the finance ministry as well. Greta Thunberg, a high-profile Swedish climate activist who has taken part in demonstrations in recent days, was also here.

Police say they are carrying protesters across the street. There they can continue the action.

On Wednesday morning, demonstrators were at several government buildings in central Oslo.

Partner Beaska Niilas confirmed to Aftenposten on Wednesday that they are “expanding with two ministries”.

Greta Thunberg is escorted by the police from the finance ministry.

Return after being carried away

Earlier, they had frozen the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Oil and Energy, among others.

On Tuesday, police escorted activists from a side entrance of the finance ministry. They came back on Wednesday morning.

– On Tuesday, they were removed due to social criticism gathering. It no longer applies on Wednesdays. That’s why we’re back there, says Pieska-Nillas.

Onadak Police said that they have received a repeated request from the Security and Service Organization of the Ministry to remove the demonstrators from here.

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Pieska Nillas is the parliamentary leader of the National Federation of Norwegian Sami in the Sami Parliament.

– Do you also want to campaign in the Prime Minister’s office?

– We haven’t discussed it yet, he says.

On Tuesday, the activists were removed from the finance ministry.

They came back on Wednesday morning.

Objective: Remove the turbines

The protesters want the wind turbines at Fosson in Trøndelag to be demolished.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the petitioners that the concession for the wind power plant was a violation of Sami rights. More than 500 days later, the government still hasn’t decided what to do to fix this. Activists believe wind turbines should come down.

The court did not expressly say what should happen to the wind turbines, and the interpretation of the ruling is disputed.

Beaska-Nillas and Greta Thunberg were at the Ministry of Oil and Energy on Wednesday morning. Shareholders stepped up their action on Wednesday

Prime Minister cancels Great Britain trip

The action in Oslo began on Thursday morning last week. This has now led Oil and Energy Minister Terje Ausland (AP) to cancel a planned visit to Great Britain with the crown prince and couple.

On Tuesday, Aasland took the initiative for a meeting with the protesters. The shareholders refused. Asland spoke with some of them outside the ministry, but then the atmosphere heated up. It is better for the protesters to meet the Prime Minister.

Hope is lost in Iceland

– The plate has a peak. We have been hearing the same thing for almost years now. “We must investigate, investigate, investigate”. Pieska tells Aftenposten that this case is investigated more thoroughly than any other case.

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He says they have no faith in Asland. Instead, they demand that Prime Minister Jonas Karstor step into the fray.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Ap) does not want to make concrete promises to eliminate illegal wind farms, as opponents want.

He indicated to Aftenposten that he had contacted the head of the Sami Parliament on Tuesday and would meet with him next week. Storr said he was interested in a “closer and better conversation.”

He believes the government is clear that it must fulfill its obligations under international law following the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Would you like to better understand the Fosson case?

Here’s how wind turbines affect reindeer husbandry:

— This is the best winter pasture we have ever had. Now we don’t have untouched pastures.

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