A wet weekend for the entire country

A wet weekend for the entire country
Rain is expected over the weekend in most parts of the country.

Large parts of northern and southern Norway face rainy days. Central Norway is a bit better than the rest of the country.

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Heavy rain has already fallen in the northern part of the country and the Met Office has warned of heavy rain in Troms and Finnmark.

– There are thunderstorms in the north, which means a lot of rain in the last part of Saturday within twelve hours, meteorologist Hakon Mjelstad at the Meteorological Center told NTB.

There is also the risk of forest fires

However, he says areas in the north that have been spared from rain are dry, so wildfire warnings have been issued for Nordland north of Saltal and Drams west of the Ling Alps.

Advise to be very careful with open flames and follow the instructions of local authorities. On Sunday, rain is expected to lower the hazard level from orange to yellow.

The weather is not good for western Norway, southern Norway and eastern Norway characterized by many rain showers. Meteorologists have said that this rain will continue till next week.

It gets easier in central Norway

However, in central Norway, it’s not so bleak. Rain is expected throughout the day on Saturday, but Mjelstad reports that it will be light over the next few days.

– It’s not bad there, he says.

The temperature mostly varies between 15 and 20 degrees. Western Norway and parts of Troms and Finnmark are the areas most likely to be hit by lightning in the coming days. Mjelstad also reports unsettled weather across the country for the coming week, but says there could be delays on certain days in some places.

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