Receives notes: – – Time to get up

Receives notes: – – Time to get up

Ukraine has asked Norway for help on four different occasions to retrieve wounded Ukrainian soldiers in the war against Russia.

This was confirmed by Justice and Emergency Management Minister Emily Enger Mehl (SP) in a written reply to Sporting. The requests came through the EU’s crisis organization and were sent on April 23 and May 5, 7 and 10, respectively.

The answer to the question of Liberal Party leader Guri Melby.

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But even if the first request for medical discharge came a month ago, the government could not promise to help Ukraine now.

“The question of whether Norway should provide medical evacuation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers is under consideration.” Mehl writes in his reply dated May 11th.

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That answer did not impress the Liberal leader. She did not understand what the difficulty was for the government.

– i.e., it testifies to the freezing of the process. This is very inactive from the minister. She gave no explanation as to why it took so long. Now is the time to wake up and say yes to what Ukraine and the EU are asking us to do.

– Hurry

This week marks three months since Russia launched a full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine. Melby believes it is urgent to get the wounded Ukrainians.

– It’s been a month since the first trial. It was severe, there were casualties, and thousands of Ukrainian soldiers were wounded. It is clear to most that Ukraine does not have the capacity to treat them and needs the help of the outside world.

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Norway has previously sent 2,000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine. In addition, Norway contributes NOK 400 million to the British Arms Fund. Melby believes that providing sharp weapons to the conflict is a contradiction, but refuses to help Ukrainians wounded in the war.

– It is very difficult to understand that this must be a very difficult decision. This is far less controversial than weapons of domination or other things that Norway contributed. This is humanitarian aid and I think it should be controversial to provide it, says the Liberal leader.

The Ministry of Justice, which is in charge of the case, did not respond to Dagbladet’s request in this case.

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– Array of course

Melby points out that many EU countries have recruited Ukrainian soldiers who need medical help.

– When Norway received four inquiries about this, it was hard to understand how long it would take. Why they could not give a clear and concise answer, why we can not take this here. Of course, Norway has to show up.

– There are other countries that have received Ukrainian soldiers, and then Norway should be shown.

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