Storr is going to Kindergarten. He had to return after strong opposition from his parents.

Storr is going to Kindergarten.  He had to return after strong opposition from his parents.

– I naturally respect the parents' wish not to have visitors, says Jonas Karstor.

Jonas Kahr Store met the owners of the Sami reindeer herder in Karasjok last year.

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On January 25, the parents of the children in Sisas received a message. A great visit would be the Sami Kindergarten in Doyen, Oslo.

Prime Minister Storr wanted to make a trip to mark the Sami People's Day on February 6.

On January 29, a counter notification came.

“We have received word that the Prime Minister will not be visiting us on February 6,” reads a message to parents who have seen Optenbosten.

What happened?

The first message was sent to parents at Sami Kindergarten in Oslo.

The first message was sent to parents at Sami Kindergarten in Oslo.

Mikkel Berg-Nordlie has children in kindergarten, and says it's not unusual for politicians to stop it.

– Berg-Nordli says they are clearly happy to be photographed together with Sami children in cardigans.

Erna Solberg (H) has been there. Jens Stoltenberg (Ap) has eaten flea cats with children.

Berg-Nordli says, as far as she knows, there have never been protests against these visits. He himself is S.V.

A lot of people think it's great that various politicians want to associate themselves with Sami.

– Historically, we have been oppressed by authorities. When they visit, they confirm that conditions have improved, Berg-Nordli says.

But this time the reactions were different.

– The fact that there was so much dissatisfaction with the arrival of the store is a completely new thing, says Berg-Nordli.

– Can't expect to be relaxed

It's about the Fossen case and the way Storr and the government handled it, he says.

– The store is responsible for the suit. Above all, it mobilized the entire Sami community. Some feel that the authorities can no longer be trusted because of their apparent lack of respect for the law and judgment when it comes to Sami. It's a very serious matter, Berg-Nordley says.

When the store came, he kept the children at home that day.

Many parents also reported the same. Some wanted to protest holding banners. According to Berg-Nordley, readers' impressions were written to be sent to the media.

Then came the counter notice. Still, the store hasn't arrived.

– Many parents expressed their displeasure and that it would not be a pleasant visit to Støre.

Michael Berg-Nordley

Berg-Nordli is a father at Sami Kindergarten Cizaš. He is a researcher at Oslo Met, whose areas of expertise include indigenous politics and minority representation.

– I do not speak on behalf of everyone, but many parents were very dissatisfied. Sami cannot be expected to be left alone in the environment until Sami rights are trampled upon. This is not the case, says Berg-Nordley.

Aftenposten has confirmed the sequence of events with knowledge of the case from multiple sources.

Clemet Michael is the head of Puljo Nursery. He says it was the Oslo municipality that negotiated the visit and cancellation with the prime minister's office.

Store:- Wish you a nice celebration

– I naturally respect a parent's wish not to have visitors, Storr responds to Optenposten's question about what he thinks about not being welcome.

He emphasizes that Sami People's Day is important.

– Sami culture and Sami languages ​​are an important part of the diversity in our country. Sami enriches our common culture. The government will continue to facilitate this diversity. I congratulate all Samis on this day and wish you a good celebration, says Storr.

The Supreme Court has ruled that wind power generation in Foshan violates Sami's rights.

– Last year I had strong meetings with the Sami communities and I emphasized that the government will strengthen the dialogue, learn from these dialogues and strengthen the connections and the way we listen and learn from the Sami.

He was referring to the Sami parliamentary chair meetings held last week in Bodø and Tromsø. Sami also met youth and cultural organizers in Bodo.

In Støre's official program for Tuesday, there are no items related to Sami People's Day. He said that the government will participate in commemoration events in many places in the country.

– I myself want to mark this day with greetings on social media and in the media, says Storr.

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