weather, cold | So, we’ve had the coldest weather in years

weather, cold |  So, we’ve had the coldest weather in years

November was the coldest in 13 years and ended 3.5 degrees below normal.

Winter has come quickly and suddenly and is unusually cold, the Met Office wrote in its monthly report.

– This year’s November is the 13th coldest on record dating back to 1900. It is “cold” or “very cold” in most parts of the country. In parts of Trøndelag and Nordland, November was “very cold”. Across the country, the month ended 3.5 degrees below normal.

Winds from the east and northeast

Climatologist Jostin Mamen from the Met Office explains that the wind tells us a lot about how the weather is changing.

– In November, low pressures moved mainly south of Scandinavia. It indicates wind blowing from the east with cold and dry weather.

Colleague Hans Olav Hygen believes that ice spreading in the Arctic plays a role.

– When there is little ice in the Arctic like there is now, it is clear that it has global consequences. Less sea ice means there is less difference between temperatures in the equatorial and polar regions, which can affect how air masses move.

Cooler than the rest of the world

In terms of temperature, Norway differs from the rest of the world. Globally, November will be the sixth month in a row with high temperatures, by a clear margin.

The final figures aren’t entirely clear, but researchers are already drawing conclusions.

– It is very unusual that it has been warm for several months in a row. Such large leaps from previous records are quite exceptional, says Raydun Gangsto, a climatologist at the Meteorological Institute.

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