Police are conducting a new investigation into Tom Hagen’s home – VG

Police are conducting a new investigation into Tom Hagen’s home – VG
STED: Police are conducting new investigations into Tom Hagen’s home this week, VG confirms.

This week, police made simple repairs and obtained reference samples from Tom Hagen’s home.


This was confirmed by Police Inspector Germond Hansen to Vijay.

– Police can confirm that we are investigating a new crime in Sloraveien 4 this week. Simple reconstructions were made, reference samples were obtained and selections were made to verify previous results. Among other things, he says, the purpose was to look at forensic clues in context and clarify the possibility of new investigations.

– Work on the site is now complete, but police are still trying to clarify the course of events surrounding the crime committed by Anne-Elizabeth Hagen three and a half years ago.

He says the investigations were carried out with the consent of Tom Hagen.

Still charged with murder or complicity in murder

Anne-Elizabeth Hagen went missing from the couple’s home in Slovenian 4 in Lorenzko on October 31, 2018. In April 2020, her husband Tom Hagen was charged with murder or complicity in murder.

Police believe the house was a key source in the murder investigation. After several rounds in court, he was allowed to go home in September 2020, after police seized the house in May a few months ago.

Tom Hagen is still charged, but has always denied any involvement in the disappearance.

His bodyguard, Sweeney Holden, knew by the end of May that it was “The fact that he has been held responsible for so long is a huge burden to him.

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He believes the basis of the suspicion against Tom Hagen was weakened by the time he was arrested.

Asked the audience for help

Three-and-a-half years after Anne-Elizabeth Hagen’s disappearance, police have yet to find her – and there are many unanswered questions in this case.

In recent months, the main priority of the police has been to investigate the so-called cryptospor.

In May, they went out Asked the audience for help Search for information on a total of 20 Norwegian phone numbers for sale at the Bunnpris store in Oslo between May and December 2017.

One of these phone numbers – 40 74 56 68 – 31 can be directly linked to the advanced planning steps before the disappearance of Anne-Elizabeth Hagen on October 2018.

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