Meteorologist about summer weather – stay here

Meteorologist about summer weather – stay here

Sun, summer and high temperatures. This week, large parts of eastern and southern Norway will feel summer fast approaching.

State meteorologist Iselin Skjervagen tells Dagbladet.

For the next few days, the thermometer will reach 20 degrees in eastern Norway, and some days near the capital will experience days above 25 degrees.

– On Tuesday and Wednesday, Oslo and many places in eastern and southern Norway will have real summer temperatures. Then it’s above 25 degrees, which is good, Skjervagen tells Dagbladet and adds:

– If the beach is set towards Kristiansand, it will be pleasant and summery.

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– Great week

The meteorologist said that the good weather will continue after the end of this month.

– Summer weather is here to stay, he says.

Skjervagen says that there should generally be little wind in eastern Norway.

– It will be a great week. When it’s not too windy, she says, there’s no need to carry multiple layers of clothing.

But even though the sun is high in the sky for the next few days in eastern and southern Norway, there may be some afternoon showers that meteorologists won’t catch before they arrive.

Climate Scientist: Here's what summer looks like this year

Climate Scientist: Here’s what summer looks like this year

– It mostly occurs in summer due to heat stress from the sun. There may be light showers, so if you want to be on the safe side, you can carry an umbrella in your bag, he says.

An exceptionally dry May

In eastern and southern Norway, according to Skjervagen, May is an exceptionally dry month.

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As a result, meteorologists have issued a forest fire warning.

According to Skjervagen, the danger warning will continue throughout the week.

– He says that we need it so that there will be no significant rainfall and there will be no risk of forest fires as there is now.

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Rain on the west coast

Although people in the east and south can enjoy the summer weather, they are not so lucky on the coast to Trondheim in the west.

According to the weatherman, rain will be expected across the west coast from Rogaland to Trøndelag at the start of the week.

Bad weather will last for a while

Bad weather will last for a while

– Temperatures on the west coast are also slightly cooler than on the east.

In Trondheim they should rain for several days this week.

– Jupiter will be good for most of the country except Møre and Romsdal. He says temperatures on the west coast hover around 13-15 degrees, while in Trendelák it’s only up to seven degrees:

– but on Friday in Trøndelag the precipitation will be slightly less and up to 10 degrees. And then it will finally be double-digit temperatures, so something, she says.

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