Corona, Per Sandberg | Cutting actions: – I have 14 question marks

Corona, Per Sandberg |  Cutting actions: - I have 14 question marks

Per Sandberg was not impressed or satisfied with the measures taken by the government on Tuesday to compensate for the nightlife industry.

Former FrP leader Per Sandberg now lives as sole proprietor in Halton after resigning as national politician in 2018. He tells Netavicen that he is saddened by the whole situation and that he and his partner Pahare Letnus are now his partner for the first time. Owners are required to lay off employees for only two years.

– We have 2.5 full-time employees who have been picking us up all day wondering what’s going on, ”Sandberg told Netavicen on Tuesday night.

One of the current pitfalls between Sandberg and Ledness is that running the bar can be very costly if there are to be extra staff on duty to ensure compliance with infection control rules. At the same time, the nightlife industry makes less money because the bar closes in the afternoon, but fewer people go out when the infection pressure is high and the restrictions are higher.

– For us, it’s one and a half human years extra, so we lay off employees and try to do the whole job ourselves. Sandberg says we’ll see if it eventually closes completely.


Dismissing employees is a far cry from vacancy.

– We have employees we are incredibly proud of, they have worked so hard and we feel so good at taking them into account. Terms of leave are important to us. Although I personally do not support government compensation plans, I am excited about what the compensation plan will look like. It would have been much better if you had removed all VAT and reduced the employer’s tax instead of following these beggars from the state, says Sandberg, who announced the transition from the FrP to the Liberals last year.

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According to Sandberg, he and Bahare Letnus will manage nightlife with a new closure with new restrictions. Besides the bar, they run part of the Grand Hotel in Haldon and a restaurant open for events.

– If the government really means anything in what they say about the service sector, they need to create predictability. Then they have to remove the employer tax and remove the VAT for the last quarter of 2021 and for the rest of the next year. Then uncertainty would have been relieved, and it would have been the same for everyone, Sandberg believes.

The bar owner says he and Lednus are now as open as possible and willing to stand up for themselves.

– Pahare worked an average of 15-16 hours each day. It pays off, but it will cost over time, Sandberg says.

According to Sandberg, the nightlife industry has the biggest revenue from ten to two and a half hours a night, so the service should end at midnight, the most profitable time of the month for bar and pub owners in the country.

– This is significantly worse for those who have bigger events than us. We lost about one and a half million of the Christmas parties that were canceled last year, Sandberg tells Netavicen.

To be followed

He now believes the government will pursue businesses affected by the new coronary restrictions.

– The Finance Minister did not mention the terms of the holiday tonight. The problem for us is not the sick staff. We have talented staff and we want this to be done. Adding people is tiring for everyone, so now I hope we get good, clear and simple leave rules so that the clear message from Sandberg is that we can keep employees in a little business.

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His and many others’ great fears are that employees will look for work in other professions, and when the community reopens to you, you may have a pint or so late at night.

– We struggled all year to hire people, of which we were not alone, says vacant owner Sandberg Netavicen.

14 Question marks

He was not impressed by what the government said about the compensation scheme for businesses that are now losing large sums due to the new austerity measures.

– Little was said about the compensation plan, but I have 14 questions. I don’t think the government will catch on. It was said to look at turnover figures, but it will be a task for the ministry. In 2019, we received 0 sales. In December last year, sales plummeted because we had restrictions. Nothing here can be compared. I’m happy with how they bring the offensive action. I’m afraid it’s like sticking your finger in the air and watching where the wind is blowing, Sandberg says angrily:

– Stop looking at the turnover figures for 2019, and include those who have established themselves in 2020 and 2021. Companies that have positioned themselves during epidemics have actually helped alleviate the economic crisis. Bahare and I are proud that we were so stupid and started in 2020, we were a counter weight in the crisis.

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