A grand celebration on the “own” balcony – E24

A grand celebration on the “own” balcony – E24

The palace balcony was to be reserved for the royal family. But across the street there was a bustling crowd on the balcony of the Grand Hotel.

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Every May 17th, business leaders, influencers, cultural figures and journalists all gather for a party at the Grand Hotel in Karl Johan in central Oslo.

Billionaire Christian Ringnes faithfully gathers on the hotel's rooftop every May 17th, while grocery magnate Stein Erik Hagen keeps his base further floors down.

This year, everything was arranged for a perfect celebration in glorious sunshine and over 20 degrees in the center of Oslo with Norwegians and Norwegian flags.

The Spatelan family going to a May 17 party at the Grand Hotel.

On the way into the hotel, E24 meets a taciturn investor billionaire Øystein Stray Spetalen, who arrived with his wife Charlotte and their two daughters Sophie and Jenny.

However, the family allowed themselves to be photographed together before continuing their journey inside the hotel.

View from the balcony

Stein Eric Hagen was spotted on a hotel balcony with comedian Robert Stoltenberg.

The billionaire has previously said he gathered his family and friends in room 260 at the hotel on May 17 for nearly 40 years.

Joining Hagen on the balcony was the grocer billionaire's ex-fiance Bendik Skinningsrud. Hagen said Watch and listen As of December, he and Skinningsrut are still living together.

It was buzzing with people on the many balconies in front of the Grand during the entire duration of the Children's Train.

Toasting the good in their glasses, most were happy to pick up the best sights to see on Constitution Day.

Karl Johans Gate in Oslo was as usual full of Norwegian flags on National Day.

Busy crowd

Karl Johans Gate is filled with boudoirs, party dresses, ironed suits and other classy clothes from all over the country. Seats in the first row are tight on the cobblestones to catch the children's train.

As usual on May 17, Parade Street in central Oslo is lined with Norwegian flags of all sizes.

The Grand Hotel is full of familiar and lesser-known faces.

A few more foreign tourists stop for a moment on the steps of the hotel before the people dive into the sea.

Several profiles from Norwegian cultural life made the trip to the festivities on Constitution Day. Among them was actress Marie Maurstadt with her husband and cellist Auge Gualbein.

Artist and actress Mia Gundersen, Netavisen editor-in-chief Gunnar Stavrum and KK editor Ingeborg Heldahl were also spotted entering the prestigious hotel.

Mari Maurstad and Åke Gualbein posed for the photographers before they went inside.
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