Storr explains: That’s why the aircraft carrier comes to Norway in the first place

Storr explains: That’s why the aircraft carrier comes to Norway in the first place
Was there: In September, Prime Minister Jonas Karstor and Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gramm were aboard the US aircraft carrier “Gerald R. Ford” in Norfolk, USA.

The arrival of America’s largest and newest warship in Norway is a declaration of friendship and confirmation that Norway and the United States have common interests, Prime Minister Jonas Kahrstor (AP) said.

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Storr was on board the USS Gerald R Ford in September last year. He hasn’t had time to visit the massive aircraft carrier in Oslo harbor yet, but says he will visit the ship during his stay.

– The fact that they come to us first is an important signal. That says something about American attention to the Atlantic, to the shores of Europe. Therefore, there is also a naturalness in it: to follow the American presence with the last ship, which is also huge, he tells VG on Thursday evening.

He adds that Norwegian officials want allies to come to Norway and train alongside the Norwegian armed forces:

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– America is foremost among our allies. It was a declaration of friendship that the new ship arrived in Norway first. The three days in Oslo were an expression of showing that the US had both ships, planes, reserves and knowledge of Norway in Oslo. Storr says it bodes well for security policy in both our democracies.

Watch the video – How big is the giant ship:

Barents returns to sea front

At the same time, he reassures the Russians and others who fear the giant aircraft carrier “Gerald R. Ford” going into Barents Sea:

– How far north and east will Norwegian authorities allow travel?

– They should not travel far enough north to break the warning line followed by Norway, Storr says.

– This was in 2018, the last time a US aircraft carrier arrived here. We have high credibility in understanding our region. The consideration we take to maintain credibility and low tension in the North is appreciated, he said.

The aircraft carrier “Harry S Truman” capsized in Westfjords in 2018.

– When the US sends its largest ship to Norway first, what does Norway have to give the US?

– If you ask the US about Norway being a contributing ally, you’ll get a thumbs up. We have also now confirmed that we are traveling to the NATO summit in Vilnius with a plan to achieve the two percent target. It was not done after the 2014 resolution or in the subsequent years. We are now saying that we will achieve that goal by 2026. We are lining up with NATO and I will meet the Norwegian soldiers on the NATO mission in Lithuania before the Vilnius summit, Storr says.

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SKILISTNE: Many people wanted to see the American giant ship “Gerald R Ford” when it passed the Tropic on Wednesday morning.

Norwegian warship

He says the Norwegian warship “Roald Amundsen” traveling with the aircraft carrier is also sending an important signal.

The frigate “Fridtjof Nansen” will sail with another US aircraft carrier “Harry S Truman” in the Mediterranean for eight months in 2021 and 2022.

– The Norwegian and US navies know each other well, Storr says.

– For me, security is three words: long-term, recognition and predictability. We train and train together with our partners. The battleship located on Akarshuskaya is, for me, the main expression of this. When there are naval forces here from America, Great Britain or other allies. Then Norway is usually close in exercises. This is a predictable area that our NATO allies and our neighbors will recognize.

Join us inside the giant ship:

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NATO countries have been debating for months whether Ukraine should receive F-16 fighter jets from NATO countries. Denmark Already went out in February, He said that they opened it for this purpose.

But Norway has not publicly participated in the debate. Only on Wednesday this week, when the aircraft carrier anchored in Oslo, the Biden administration confirmed that it would support training on F-16s. The government signed on and wanted to participate in the F-16 program.

– Ukraine, why is Norway the last with such contributions to the store?

– We were concerned that this aircraft was American and originally sold from the US.
For Norway, it is important to respond to Ukraine’s immediate needs where we can contribute. Now that the US is making it clear for its part that it is ready to support the training of the Ukrainians attached to this flight, it is natural for Norway to say that we are contributing. How we will contribute and in what order, we will come back.

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– But Denmark reported the same several weeks ago?

– This is not a competition. In the case of Ukraine, we prioritized doing what they thought was most important first. I think the Ukrainians are also well aware of that, he says.

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