June 8, 2023


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Here the Russians have to go back.  - It would have been safer if we had been in the immediate area.

Here the Russians have to go back. – It would have been safer if we had been in the immediate area.

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Friday night, Mia boardes a shuttle bus at Colesroot Lattefjord Terminal.

Six out of a total of 15 buses in the Bergen area have congregated there to pick up Russ. “Bryggen”, “Festplassen” and “Syndicate” are on the buses.

Destination: Bus ring at Sotra Arena.

As both Hordneskogen and Lagunebarken were closed, the bus rings were relocated to Sotra Arena and Haugas, respectively.

– We need to know where we’ve really going to get home, says Colesroot.

Mia Colesrut boarded the Russian bus “Brigen 2022”.

After Monday’s meetings, police decided that the playground in Hartnoskogen and nearby Stavolan would remain closed at night until at least May 17, during peak hours.

– Ronnie Overbotton, police chief in Bergen South, said:

Maybe Russian buses somewhere, what the Russians call the “bus ring”.

The parking lot outside the Sotra Arena is slowly but surely overflowing with young people dressed in red and blue.

– We are not allowed to be here anymore, everyone has to go to the other parking lot! Come on, a boy screams and he goes out with his hands and tries to get as many people as possible.

The Russian picks up drinks and goes to the next parking lot.

We need places for Russians in Fanaa

– Looks like people are trying to exclude the Russians from Fana. At the same time, most Russian buses come from Fanah, so it’s nonsense when we have to go to other districts without being allowed to stay here, says Colesroot.

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She wants more transparency to get the places where Russians can be in Fona.

– When we have to go to Sotra, it is difficult to go home unless you have someone who can drive you.

Mia Colesrut is a Russian at Sandsley High School, and is frustrated that parts of Fanaa are being closed to Russians.

Colesrood understands that it would be annoying if the Russians spun around and made noise.

– I’m going to do something, I would be frustrated if I could not sleep, but at the same time someone knows that this will happen in May, he says.

– We must have a place to be.

Buses tremble as there is a lot of rus jumping and dancing. More and more people are coming to the parking lot. Inside everyone who wears Russian clothes, you can see people without Russian clothes.

Many who are not of legal age come to the bus ring, says Colesroot. They go to Chotra to be with the Russians.

– If they do not tell their parents where they really are, they may suddenly get caught up in the Sotra, and then she asks what they should do.

He points out that they do not dare to call their parents.

– It would have been safer if the Russians had been allowed to stay in their immediate area. Then we would have been much closer to Pipen and had opportunities to go home.

Russian buses at Lodebjord terminal on Friday night.

– It must have been a plan

Daniel Skarstein (18) is the Russian principal at Nordahl Grieg High School.

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– We are bent over, he says.

Russian bus S Rabagast உடன் with Skarstein Michael Hjortland Vike (18).

On Friday night they were going to the bus ring in the Haukås, but when they got there the area was closed. Then they decided to go to the gold mine.

Daniel Schorstein (left) and Mickel Hartlandwick met BT on Saturday afternoon.

– Need to know in advance what is going on. Today we will be in this place and there we will not be thrown away. Because as it is now, we do not know where we are going, says Wyke.

Schorstein hopes that there will be more problems as there are now.

– We need to have a plan for where we can be and how we can improve security. He says it would be easier for the police to know where we are at all times.

The bus rang at the Sotra arena on Friday night.

– There will be no russet now

According to Ronnie Overbotton, police chief in Bergen South, they want the Russians to be where they want to be.

– Russians should simply use their head and find good places to celebrate and good ways to celebrate without disturbing others.

Colesrood reacted harshly to the police report.

– Now it can not be russetid, really.

Among other things, she is surprised that the police believe that no areas are a hindrance to others.

– They need to work with us and find where we can be. She says if we go looking for a place of our own they will come that we can’t be either.

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He points out that this is not only his Russian rubbish, but also that this conflict has been going on for years.

On 16 May 2021, the Russians assembled at Hartneskogen. It has now been decided that the area will be closed overnight until May 17th.

Fear that fewer people will participate

Russian President Erica Fur in Western Norway identifies himself with many Russians saying BT: they are being thrown from one area to another.

– We want to get somewhere at eleven-twelve in the evening. Then an hour or two passed and we were told to go somewhere else.

He points out that there are good reasons for Russians to gather in places like Hartneskogen and Lagunen.

– Now closed spaces are easier to get home. If we have to go to Sotra, Askøy or other places, getting to the Åsane area is not so easy, for example, says Fuhr.

Russian President of Western Norway Erica Fur believes there are good reasons for Russians to gather in places like Hartneskogen and Lagunen.

She fears that as a result of the closure some sections of the Russians will not be able to attend the Russian celebration because they will have trouble getting home.

– This will lead to less enrollment, says Fur.

Set the blocking tape

Nut Eliasen, director of the Lagunen Center, says they have closed many private areas associated with the Russian celebration.

– We think Russian activity should prevent people from sleeping at night, says Eliasen.

Neighbors have reacted strongly to the noise of Russian buses.

– We have a lot of sympathy for the neighbors, so we are trying to find good solutions to help them, says the director of the center.

It was like this in Lagoonparkan on Friday night.