Four million distributed to girlfriend’s parents: – Absolutely crazy

Four million distributed to girlfriend's parents: - Absolutely crazy

On Monday, Joran Steensen, ambassador for the postal code lottery, distributed four million kroner to his girlfriend’s parents.

The Inger Helena and Nut Farrey couple were each awarded two million kroner each by Jருrgen Stienson on Monday.
Photo: Yina Chan / Postal Code Lottery

Arendt: – This is a crazy day. It has gone completely insane. Yes, today I can use that expression again, says Jன்rgen Stienson to Federallandsven.

He is also an ambassador for the Postcode Lottery, and on Monday he distributed 20 million kroner to the winners in Raiken, which was drawn as the winning spot.

The winners include the parents of Stienson’s girlfriend, Eagle Furrin.

They each won two million kroner, a total of four million kroner as a result of purchasing tickets in the postal lottery.

It was Agderposten Was the first to write about the case.

– was driving off the road

Last week, Stienson was told that the 4821 Raiken in Arendal had been drawn as a place of conquest and that two of the winners were the parents of a cohabiting couple.

– I was going to Sørlandssenteret for pedicure and when I got a call about this I was driving the car off the road, he says.

The whole thing was kept secret, and Stienson misled his loved ones by saying he was going to Oslo to deliver gifts.

Instead, he appeared at the address of the Inger Helena (77) and Nut Furry (80) couple in Raiken.

Joran Steenson gave Inger Helena and Nut Farrell a surprise on Monday – two million kroner each.
Photo: Yina Chan / Postal Code Lottery

– I just knocked on the door, much to their surprise. They were not disappointed, Stienson laughed.

– She cheated on us. We thought Jorun was working in Oslo. Inger Helena Farrey commented that we can not understand that both Nut and I have to win, that everyone in the same family has our share.

– What are you going to spend the money on?

– We need to think a little bit. We have five beautiful grandchildren and it will be a little hard for them.

– It has never happened before

At 7pm on Monday, Jorun Stienson said he would go to the last winner in the Raiken. Then, the Postal Code lottery team, from 11 a.m., handed out cash prizes in town.

– The Postal Code Lottery has been international since 1989. According to Steenson, according to headquarters in the Netherlands, an ambassador has distributed important gifts to friends and family.

Four major winners

Norway is divided into postal codes. The postcode lottery provided the addresses within the postcodes with their own codes, such as street, road or area postcodes.

– Eight million kroner was distributed to four winners on Monday. After that, NOK 12 million was distributed to the other 33 winners, explains Audon Pringsver, communications consultant for the postal code lottery.

He emphasizes that since there are 3361 postcodes in Norway, the probability of the Farrell pair winning major prizes is very small.

– It was unbelievable that the biggest hit would land right on the Raiken, Pringsworth pointed out.

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