Threatened by Prudence this summer:

Threatened by Prudence this summer:

On Monday morning, Eva Hostwed returned to the Coupe Extra store in the Kansberg Center, where she shopped every day.

Last Wednesday Wednesday, Espen Anderson left the store just minutes before Breton, 37, was due to start. Shoot random customers with bow and arrow.

– I think it’s important to get back to daily life as soon as possible, she says when I meet her outside the store when TV2 reopens.

On the glass door of the store, there are clear traces of one of Breton’s many arrows on random people Wednesday night.

Suppressed: One of Breton’s arrows left clear traces on the store door. Photo: Fraud Sunday / TV2

But Proton did not come out of the store through the front door when he first entered.

Instead, he escaped from police through a back door inside the store.

After leaving the store, he dropped his bow at one point and began attacking several random people with one or more stabbing weapons.

Eventually, Breton ended up in Hitechkada, where he killed five people.

Seas: These are the victims in the Kansberg case.

“you are mad”

Eva hostess Espen Anderson says she has seen and met Breton before. She remembers a particularly frightening event in mid-July.

– I didn’t see him until he suddenly stood in front of me and told me about the crazy world we live in, says the host.

– You’re crazy too, he yelled and hit her on the head, she continues.

According to Hostwet, he spoke paradoxically about Islam, without her understanding of what he meant.

Breton has long described himself as a Muslim. It is known that the PST has received at least two warnings about his potentially serious attitude.

Police have long held this as a possible motive for murders.

Now they say, Breton followed Islam to a lesser extent, and that this is often the background to psychotic acts.

– I was scared

Eva Hostwed says she was stunned when she was threatened by Bretton on a Sunday morning in July.

– I went because I was scared. I thought I shouldn’t show it, but I was totally shocked, she says.

Previously, Hostwed worked with people with mental challenges.

– He seemed to be very unwell.

Eva Hostwed was horrified when she met the killer this summer.

Eva Hostwed was horrified when she met the killer this summer. Photo: Christine Grunning / TV2

– Was he intimidated?

– Yes so much. But looking back, I thought this was a very sick person who needed help, says Hostwet.

Breton is known to have been in contact with the health service several times before.

Eva Hostwed believes that if the main premise of the police is correct and it is known that the person behind the actions is mentally ill, it would be horrible not to get help before Breton.

– It’s sad. Very very sorry. I think everyone who needs help, but they do not get the help they need, she says.

Double digit number of victims

An important question that needs to be clarified at trial is whether the 37-year-old is guilty. Defender Frederick Newman initially demanded that the client be given full justice oversight.

Proton was transferred to the hospital as the experts’ report was pending.

Press Conference: Police Inspector Per Thomas Omholt in the Southeast Police District.

Press Conference: Police Inspector Per Thomas Omholt in the Southeast Police District. Photo: Fraud Sunday / TV2

At a press conference on Monday, Police Inspector Per Thomas Omholt said Breton’s health was not at an early stage and could not be further investigated.

Omholt said the charges against Breton would be expanded and eventually there would be double-digit number of victims in the case.

– Can he be charged with multiple attempted murders?

– Very soon to say what the final fee is. The reason for this is that we have to put the arrow where the people are. In addition, we need to check against the risk and damage in this cabin, says Omholt.

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