– Very irresponsible – VG

– Very irresponsible – VG
Two mouths and opinions: City Councilor Raymond Johansson at a bakery in Oslo on Saturday afternoon.

City Councilman Raymond Johansson (Labor) burned “very irresponsible” statements by the Conservatives. – I can not close the city of 700,000 people for security.


– Reports are startlingly irresponsible. Very irresponsible. Now she has to think and not contribute to the panic, says Oslo city councilor Raymond Johansson.

– They can carry out unnecessary national activities locally.

In recent days, Tone Wilhelmsen, chairman of the Health and Maintenance Committee in Trøen (H), has opened fire on the government’s epidemiological management.

First Political Quarterly in the NRK, Where Trøen calculated deaths:

– We are in a very serious situation. Hospitals are overcrowded. More than 100 people have been killed in the last 14 days. (…) The vaccine being too slow is too complicated, Tren said.

She continued in Viji Saturday:

– At the same time, political leadership in our country seems to be non-existent and inactive (…) needs someone to decide, as Bent Hoy made clear. Now I think we miss him, he said.

Several reporters in western Norway have made the request Strict national corona activities. Municipalities in eastern Norway followed.

Rising pressure worries Oslo city councilor Raymond Johansson (Labor) as he meets VG outside a bakery in Adamstuen.

The blowpipe is running before he enters. It will not be removed until he comes and sits at the table.

Johansson goes straight to the point:

Confirmation: Oslo City Councilor Raymond Johansson (Labor Party).

– My most important message is that we do not aggravate the situation. The words he utters while counting the dead on Trøen radio help stir up the situation.

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– When Trøen and some Conservative mayors demand national action and reveal that they do not understand national strategy, I wonder what they agree with, Johansson says and describes:

– The use of masks has already been advised in many cities, and if there are symptoms, people should stay home from work and school, shake hands and so on. But the most important thing is to get vaccinated with the third dose for those over 65 years of age.

– Municipalities should be held accountable, ensuring residents follow counsel and ensure adequate and good primary health care, Johansson says.

– In the previous period we had mainly good cooperation. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. This is irresponsible.

Johansson fears the lack of adherence to existing advice and what he calls “irresponsible” arguments will lead to unnecessarily drastic action in the capital.

Butterfly: Raymond Johansson wears bandages when he is close to others.

– After a lot of experience in the last 21 months, we have got a slightly scared population, which is very understandable. I can not close the city of 700,000 people for “security”.

– The effects are very serious for jobs and the economy. And closure provides increased class divisions.

– I am met on the street by people asking if we should close the city. We already see many people canceling Christmas parties. It affects the economy of a business and it must finally recover.

Rapid vaccination

He is clearly proud of his efforts at vaccination and primary health care in Oslo.

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– 50,000 out of 80,000 people over the age of 65 have received the third dose vaccine. We do better with the most important action, says Johansson.

He pointed out that this is the most important step that municipalities can take.

OSLO Vaccine: Vaccination Center at Holdet High School in the Northstrand District this summer.

Maps in VGs Corona Database A sharp increase in the number of admissions, the number of respiratory tract infections and the number of deaths from corona are cited as the main causes. Health with others in the Southeast.

– Isn’t it serious?

– Yes, but we need a fact-driven discussion and see overall. Johansson rhetorically asks how fast the vaccine is in the municipalities around Oslo.

According to Recent Overview of FHi The capital has a much greater presence than the surrounding districts in the task of vaccinating the third dose for the elderly.

Increase in recorded infection

Anne Habetrick, chair of the Conservative Committee at Oslo City Council Went out recently Avisa called for more action in Oslo and the city council. Among other things, she mentioned Increase in infection rate.

– The infection rate is increasing due to mass testing among school students. But, those who come to the intensive care unit in hospitals are not. “We are not worried about this increase,” Osborne’s medical director Bjrn Sledwold told VG.

In several articles, VG has interviewed experts from hospitals in and around Oslo Inflatable extreme capacity And Postponements Planned activities.

The map below shows new additions to Health Southeast:

A month ago, Oslo’s health councilor, Robert Stein, told Vijay that pressure on hospitals was one of them. Three factors This could trigger local action in Oslo:

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– It is more important to follow the statistics on the number of patients admitted to the hospital than the infection rates, Stein said.

There is a high demand for AHAS hospitals in Folo, Romeric and Kongswinger, which have a population of 570,000. Except for three districts in Oslo that have been severely affected by the epidemic: Alna, Groot and Stowner.

This weekend, the hospital has about 40 patients In the hospital Due to the corona.

Get new Oslo patients

Among the earlier epidemics, Oslo had the highest rate of patients in Ahus. According to Slatevold, this is no longer the case.

– The increase in enrollment in large hospitals in Oslo and eastern Norway has largely come from municipalities around Oslo. I do not like or point to a particular municipality, but many of them contribute, says Slatevolt.

– But the enrollment of people from Oslo is increasing?

– It is creeping upwards, but far from national development, says Slatevolt.

He mentions weekly updates from hospitals, which show that the proportion of Oslo people admitted to hospital due to the corona virus is low. VG has no access to statistics.

VG contacted Ahus and Oslo University Hospital and asked how many of the 72 patients were from Oslo. That Saturday night they could not answer.

Oslo University Hospital consists of Acker Hospital, Rickshaw Hospital, Radium Hospital and Ullevel Hospital. It is time to write 32 people have been admitted to the hospital Due to the corona. Many of the patients are generally seriously ill and come from other parts of the country except Oslo for medical help.

Important to the Government: Storting Representative Don Wilhelmson Tren (H).

– No one wants closure and drastic measures, ” said MP Don Wilhelmson Tren (H), who heard the Oslo mayor’s criticism.

– Therefore, the government should come up with its new recommendations as soon as possible based on the advice of health experts.

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