Weather: – Hold on to your hat

Weather: – Hold on to your hat

– If you’re going to be driving at altitude, it’s a good idea to think about winter tires, duty meteorologist Aslag Schalevick tells Valve TalkBladet.

The first autumn holiday week of the year is in full swing in parts of Norway. Some enjoy lazy days on a sunbed in Spain, while others melt themselves down for a taste of winter.

Northern parts of the country experience very low temperatures. A yellow warning for snow has been issued in parts of Finnmark and Drams, and up to 30 cm of snow is possible in one day.

– We see it getting colder. There will be snow and sleet tomorrow, and frost overnight in many places, says Valvet.

Unusually hot

Falling temperatures provide a stark contrast to the heat blowing further south in Europe. Especially in Spain you can get A warm autumn holiday.

– Valvet says Spain is hotter than normal.

In Gran Canaria, 37 degrees was recorded at 4pm on Tuesday. It was 33 degrees warmer than Kirkenes, which recorded four degrees at the same time.

Hot: Summer isn’t over yet in Gran Canaria. Photo: Shutterstock / NTB
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Troms and Finnmark are not the only ones feeling the low temperatures. Snow also falls on the highest mountains in the south.

– Check the weather forecast if you’re going to cross mountain passes, warns Valvet.

North of Namsos in Tr√łndelag there may be frost this week.

– From Friday evening the temperature starts to drop nicely, he says.

Heading into winter

– All of Norway will notice that it will be colder this week. We’re in the midst of a climate change with colder air, Valvett explains.

The meteorologist points out that low-lying mountain areas to the south, such as the popular cabin sites at Cole and Keilo, won’t receive snow.

However, it’s clear that people in eastern Norway are the big weather winners this week.

– It ranges from seven to 15 degrees. In some places it will be more than 20 degrees.

Next week, it’s the turn of the second pool for the autumn holidays, including western Norway.

WET: Low pressure in the west is causing rain showers in western Norway and Trendalok.  Map: Bureau of Meteorology

WET: Low pressure in the west is causing rain showers in western Norway and Trendalok. Map: Bureau of Meteorology
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A cold week is expected in Bergen. It records three to five degrees in the coldest time and seven to 13 degrees in the hottest time.

– Temperatures will drop in western Norway next week as we head into a slightly cooler autumn.

– Hold on to your hat

On X/Twitter, meteorologists write that there will be a small severe storm over the coast and mountains for the next few days.

- A taste of winter

– A taste of winter

– Hold on to your hats, windy days ahead, they write.

Winds are mostly from the west and northwest, which means many people inland will notice the wind speed as well.

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